Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the new Sweet Dreams Creations!  I have used this name for many years now and for many different projects.  The origination of the name Sweet Dreams Creations comes from my quilting days back in the 1990's,  I created my own patterns and quilts for both people and pets.  Since you generally use a quilt to snuggle up with and I created my own designs, the name Sweet Dreams Creations came to be.  I sold quilts for a few years and moved on.

I moved on to Ebay, which became an addiction, so quilts had to take a back seat, there just wasn’t enough room in my life for both.   Ebay worked into my life well, became a business, then I slowed down the Ebay part, got up some nerve and moved out to the WWW and opened an online store, which I used my Sweet Dreams Creations name once again, although it had nothing to do with what I was selling! Anyway, Sweet Dreams Creations was my online business from 2001 – 2011, then my hubby asked me to retire.  I was hard, but worked out for the best, since in 2012 I had some medical issues that would have made my working hard.  In 2012 my hubby retired, not because of my medical problems but I think they had something to finalize his thinking of retiring.  I’m very happy he did and so is he, it was a wonderful decision.

My hubby and I are both Bible believing Christians.  So from time to time I might post a Bible verse, that is appropriate to what has been going on in my life, and probably will do a spiritually blog.

What I will be blogging about, will be, our travels & vacations, when we’re on vacation and traveling we generally do a Diners, Drive Ins and Dives tour and I will also blog that information, we’ve never visited a triple D place and been disappointed.  We live on 7 1/2 acres and have some chickens, I will be blogging a chicken page as there is something always going on there.  I am a gardener, love gardening and will be sharing a blog on that also.  Also, up for blogging pages will be Photography, Baking, Crafting, Sewing….yes, the circle has come complete, I’m back to quilting!

Thanks to a craft day we have every Tuesday morning at our church.  A group of us ladies get together and work on our crafts.  Since that has started allot of the ladies have gotten into quilting and we’ve just had our first full day of Jelly Roll Quits.  What fun that was, and next we’re planning a full day of making Baby Quilts for Choices of the Heart.

Please bear with me while I get accustom to blogging, this is a first for me.  From what I read it shouldn’t take long to get the hang of it.

3 thoughts on “Hello Everyone!

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  2. Hello Barbara, It’s been a pleasure to go down through your blog, a lot of nice things going on, a lot of great recipes to try out, love the stories about Buddy and Red, we have chickens as well so some shared experiences. I also loved the swan shots and the garden shots, beautiful images and nicely done. I also have to say Thank you for stopping at my blog and being my 1000th follower. I will be making a post on that achievement and I hope you don’t mind that I will be mentioning you, it could be to your benefit to have more people come over. Thanks again, keep up the great work, look forward to more posts, Michael 🙂

    • Hello Michael,
      Thank you for the nice words. Nice to hear compliments from another photographer. I love your photography, I love photographing nature more than anything else, my grandchildren I guess would have to tie the number one spot. We recently went out west and I will be listing those photos real soon. I must say I do like the way you name and number your photos, I might have to steal that from you ;-). Swans are one of my favorite to shoot, but must say got carried away with the buffalo out west! Due to taking a 3 week trip out west my gardens don’t look as good as I’d look them too, thank goodness for micro shots!

      Have to love my chicken and baby chicks just make my heart melt. We’ll be having more on the 14th, can’t wait! How many do you have??

      Wow! The 1000th follower! Yippee! By all means share my blog and thanks in advance for that.

      Thank you again and God bless,

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