It’s Finally Spring!

It’s been long getting here, but its finally here in South Jersey…. SPRING!  Today its in the high 70’s and its amazingly beautiful out.  The chickens are all out and about,

Daffodil's and Reds

Daffodil’s and Reds

so I decided it was time for me to go be out and about too!  So, I picked up my camera and ventured out in the warm weather, what a great decision.  I took pics of my chickens of course, flowers in bloom, mainly daffodils, but lovely just the same, saw that one of my bull frogs emerged from my pond, yes, got a pic and lastly saw by chance 2 garter snakes …. ummm… mating.

Garter Snakes

Garter Snakes         Garter Snakes Closeup

Then I remembered that while I was at the Philadelphia Flower Show last month I had purchased tubers of Fern Flowers.

flowering fern

So I got them out and tried to plant them, yes, tried.  I don’t know about anyone else with chickens, but ours we’re raised, not with a silver spoon in their mouth but with a spade!  These girls are sooo spoiled, from the first time we took them outside when they were chicks we dug worms for them, and continued to do so just about everyday.  So when they see a spade in your hand they come running!

I needed 9 holes for my 9 tubers, as I dug, the girls ate grubs & worms and proceed to scratch and fill the holes back in.  I know this was not going to work, even if I planted the tubers I feared they’d be dug right back up and even maybe eaten!  You never know what your chickens are going to take a fancy too.

But, I had an idea, we recently had to pull bushes out from around our well because our pump broke, so there was nice ground there which the chickens had made use of before, so I drug the spade out there, sure enough, they all followed,  I started to dig alittle but there are still roots there so it made digging hard, but no problem, the girls got the idea, starts scratching and next thing I knew they were all dusting!  Yeah!  Now they were all busy, so I got back to my planting, but left the spade there so they didn’t get up and follow.  You can see the girls dusting on my Buddy’s Flock blog.

Below are some shots of what’s currently blooming in my yard.

Mini Daffodils

Mini Daffodils

Pink Star Magnolia

Pink Star Magnolia








Daffodil’s and Cleo


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