Welcome to Buddy’s Flock!

Meet Buddy

Meet Buddy

This is Buddy, he is 2 years old.  Most of our chickens and roosters are mixed breeds, our original 10 were composed of 8 Rhode Island Reds (which I’m really not sure thats what they are) and 2 Leghorns.  In April 2011 we purchased our 1st 10 chicks from the Tractor Supply store then a friend gave us 6 chicks a week later.  The same friend gave us Buddy a few months later, when we decided we needed a rooster to help protect the flock from predators.  Buddy actually is from the same brood as the 6 that we received.   Buddy had to work his way up the pecking order, which he did in record time.  He became the patriarch of the flock and had all the girls tow the line.  He kept them in control, limited their free ranging boundaries, alerted them of any predator, feed them… yes, he actually picks food up and calls the girls and drops it in front of them, he feeds them.  He is an amazing roo.  He has his favorite girl, Sassie.  Sassie is true to her name and I will never name another chicken Sassie.  Sassie is Buddies arm candy, he walks her to the hen house when she’s ready to lay, after she’s done laying she will cluck and cluck and cluck, louder than any other of the hens and Buddy will come running from where ever he is to escort her out of the hen house and walk her back to the flock.

Buddy Stretching

Buddy Stretching

Handsome Buddy

Handsome Buddy

Currently Buddy’s Flock consists of 16 hens, 2 roosters – Buddy and his competition Reds and upcoming little ‘roo Danny Boy.  Danny Boy will be going to a friends flock to be the patriarch over her 4 hens.  Danny Boy was hatched in December 2 days before Christmas, he had 2 siblings.  Was also had another brood of 3 chicks hatched 3 weeks earlier so we had 6 chicks running around the hen house in December.  Danny Boy is the only surviver, hence his name Dan is after the Lone Ranger, being the lone chick and my hubby loves the Lone Ranger, I googled the Lone Rangers first name and found it to be Dan, so named him Danny Boy.  The 5 chicks that didn’t make it we’re lost to predators a different times during January.  Danny Boys mom left her brood after only 3 weeks, they all buddied up with the 3 older chicks, which is always a good thing.  There’s safety in numbers………well, not always.    Anyway, our poor Danny Boy all alone managed to work his way into the flock at a very early age, first Reds took him under his wing, and now he’s under the supervision of Buddy.  It’s amazing,  I should have named him Bambi!

Danny Boy

Danny Boy

Out of our 10 original hens, we have 5 RIR and 1 Leghorn, Lucy, she’s a doll.  I know Leghorns aren’t noted for their friendliness, but my Lucy, lets me hold her and cuddle her, no problem, I think thats because I took care of her when Buddy tore her comb, and let me tell you, white chickens don’t look good covered in blood.  She looked like she was in a massacre. I took her in the house, washed her up, held her & rocked her until my hubby got home.  We put her in a box for the night and by morning she was good as new.  After that we had a bond.  Out of the original 6 we have 4, one got injured and I sent her to a friend who had just gotten chicks, that worked out wonderfully and my Lacie after she had a brood and raised them, she never got accepted back into the flock, so to save her life she went to the same friend.

They were loving the weather today.  I took a few photos of them, not all of them, but some to introduce you.

Below I rolled over a stump and the girls were in grub heaven.

grubs1 grubs DSC07929a

I have read many times that roosters generally don’t dust, but mine do, all the time!  Do yours??

Buddy Dusting

He’s not dead, he’s dusting




Lucy after dusting

girls dusting

Buddy & some of the girls dusting


Reds & some of the girls dusting

DannyBoy Dusting

Danny Boy dusting

This is the sign my hubby surprised me with last year, its in our drive way, its fun to watch folks stop their car to read the sign and look for the chickens.  Sometimes they are actually Xing!

Chicken Xing

Chicken Xing




This is Lilly, she’s Red’s girl


Saltie and Wuzzie (Yes, there is a Fuzzy)




Cleo in the Daffodils



5 thoughts on “Welcome to Buddy’s Flock!

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  3. Your flock is delightful – you seem to have such individuals. I cannot believe that Buddy goes the extra mile for Sassie – that is so very sweet. I have a gorgeous Rooster named Silver MacGregor and he does dust bathe occasionally. I have a young rooster too and he seems to be tolerated by Silver even though there are only 5 hens. Should I add some more hens to the flock as he is growing fast? YOu can find me over at http://findingfifth.blogspot.com.au/

    • Hi Fiona! And welcome to Buddy’s Flock. I think I read a while back that you should have 1 rooster for at least every 9 hens. Buddy was doing quite well with 14 before Reds arrived. It’s really neat to watch them creat their own harem. I’m sure any future hens will go to Reds, but Buddy is still the patriarch. When I’m out hand feeding them, Buddy, now doesn’t allow Reds to eat, but Reds manages to get in and get some treats. Danny Boy on the other hand has to wait for them all to be done.
      I’m going to head over and check out your blog. Thanks again for stopping by.

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