April 10, 2013 – Buddy’s Flock

Well, the girls have been busy.  We have 16 laying hens, below are eggs we picked today.  We didn’t collect eggs yesterday, so these are from yesterday and part of today.  But look at that big one! 3″ long and almost the same in diameter!  Congratulations to the girl who laid that one!  Must of hurt…. I don’t know who lays what egg, except Lucy, my leghorn lays the white one and Sassy lays the blue one.  Our newest 4 layers, Lilly, Dottie, Fuzzy & Wuzzie all lay the green grey eggs and they are the smallest of all the eggs.


Well, other than the excitement of such a large egg, the girls have been hidden most of the day, which means there’s a predator around.  The roosters have been on high alert.  Finally, my dad spotted the predator, a red tailed hawk.  We kept an eye on it and she caught something down the hedge row from us.  I managed to shoot a couple photos since it wasn’t in my yard terrorizing my … Buddy’s Flock.

Image  Image  DSC08104a


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