I can’t believe I’m doing this!

Well, here I am, about to show the world what my gardens, my yard, looks like….. NAKED!  Yeah, really, its almost like its naked.  Only a few flowers are blooming, beds still need to be raked and cleaned, of course the weeds are moving in already to take up housekeeping, could they be any faster??? Geez!

Anyway, today I strolled around the yard, with camera in hand and took photos.  Photos of what, to me, is a rebirth.  I believe every year, every spring is a rebirth.  I love it.  Spring IS my favorite season.

What you are about to see, is my yard as is.  Remember (If you read my ‘Hello Everyone’ blog you’d know), last year I had medical problems, so my yard took a hit, it also was our first true summer with Buddy’s Flock, free ranging all over the place.  So now, this year, I’ve decided that there are some areas (of course, right by my back door) where the flock takes their dust bath and I know that if I attempt to replant that area, it will be a loosing battle, so I’ll have to work around them.  No since in fighting a loosing battle, I have too much other stuff to do.

The sidewalks are new, we put in a woodstove last fall and had to put a cement footing in for where it was going to go, so of course, cement is cheaper if you buy more yardage, so, I was in need of sidewalks, and the timing was perfect.  Needless to say with the construction, my gardens got trampled, luckily it was fall and I was out of commission to even be bothered.  Now, I will see what will come back.

In the photos below you will see 3 ponds, the one under the pergola and the one on the other side of the side walk are connected under the sidewalk, the fish swim freely back and forth.  What fish we have left.  The blue heron(s) were here last year and took a toll on our fish, luckily they had babies and we have a rather large group still this year, but we’ve already had 4! count ’em 4! blue heron’s in the yard already, doesn’t look promising this year, but we’ll keep the faith.  The 2nd pond when the pump is running has a little water fall that goes into the bottom pond.  These ponds are 20 years old, I dug them by hand, I can’t believe that I did that, but I did.  This year, the plan is to remove pond #3 and restructure pond #2.  It gets hard in the heat of the summer to keep the water levels up, I didn’t make the bottom pond (#3) large enough to compensate for the additional water needed to keep the upper 2 water level where it needed to be, so we are constantly adding water.

So, this year, the plan is to focus on the front of the house and the back door area, where we plan to put in some sort of bubble fountain.   That should be interested with the chickens, they’ll probably think its a cool new water fountain just for them.

So, here you have it, the before photos….. I can’t believe I did this…. I’m so embarressed!  Thank goodness Spring has sprung and my annuals will be coming up and filling in soon.  With the weather we’ve had these past 3 days, shouldn’t take long.  Was almost 90 today, but short lived, we’re going down to ‘normal’ temps tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “I can’t believe I’m doing this!

  1. Saw it in person, Barb, and it is full of potential! Hope to check it out again soon when all the green and blossoms arrive! Joy! Kathryn Ross at The Writer’s Reverie

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