Working on the Ponds, Day 1

Well today we decided to work on the ponds, well my hubby worked and I took pictures.  He drained the bottom pond, which is the one we’re going to do away with, he hand caught most of the fish that was in there and tossed them up to the next pond, which is going to be expanded on.  The next pond up is connect to the front pond (see photos & blog “I Can’t Believe I’m Doing This!” ) will be drained and cleaned, but we will cap the connecting pipe so the upper pond isn’t drained.  We haven’t done a major cleaning on these ponds like this in many many years.

We managed to disrupt 2 of our local garter snakes, my hubby took a minute to catch one.  They kept an eye on him, probably trying to figure out what he was doing to their ponds.

Anyway, we’re suppose to get some horrible storms tonight, so he’s done for the day.  That will give the fish and snakes a chance to settle.


3 thoughts on “Working on the Ponds, Day 1

  1. Oh I am curious to know how to intoduce fish from one pond to another. We inherited two ponds and I have no idea how to take care of them. Neither have filters or flowing water but the fish seem to be happy enough. They are HUGE. Also I am keen to learn about how to care for the water lillies as a couple of them came loose and are not doing so well. I am not sure if they need to be potted in soil first.

    • Hi Fiona, fish are relatively easy, if you have the right pond climate you don’t even have to feed them. I dug all 3 of my ponds, now 2, the 3rd is just a hole in the ground. We used rubber roofing material to line our ponds. The two that are left are connected by a 4″ pipe under the sidewalk. I don’t like water lilly’s they can take over a pond, but that’s entirely up to you what vegetation you use. While my hubby was knee deep in gunk I had him rip out the remainder of our water Lilly’s. I use to have potted plants, I might add some this year,time will tell, when you go to your local nursery they should be able to help you with your aquatic plants suitable for your area. I like easy, which means native to the area so I don’t have to fish anything out in the winter, they just winter over in the ponds. My ponds are all approx. 3 foot deep in the deepest parts, this is way below our frost line here in New Jersey which allows the fish to winter over with no problems. Also wintering over in the ponds are the bull frogs and the garter snakes. You do need something to move the water to keep air in the water. You don’t want the water to go stagnate or be still you be raising mosquitoes! So add a fountain or waterfall, or just put a pump in the pond to circulate the water. That’s the most important thing. Good luck with your ponds. Oh, the chickens love to drink out of them. It’s their own private watering hole!

    • Oh I forgot, to introduce fish from on pond to another take them out of the pond they’re in, put them in a bucket half full with the water from the pond they were in. Next add some water from the other pond a little at a time, like a pint every 1/2 hour or so, until your bucket is full. You could also set the bucket in the new pond so that the water temperatures get to be about the same. Then you can slowly tilt the bucket and let the fish out.

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