Ever make a Jelly Roll Quilt??

Northcote Range Jelly Roll

We have a craft day at our church every Tuesday morning.  Doesn’t matter what type of craft you do, bring it with you, sit and chat with the ladies, and possibly get something done.  Yup, sometimes we chat more than we craft, but it all gets done in the end, and fellowship is just as important as the craft we’re creating.

Well, somewhere along the line, most of the ladies were bringing in their sewing machines and quilting.  I was painting, I had done ceramics for years, and the place where I did them closed up.  Before they closed, I purchased allot of pieces and cleaned them to paint at home.  Well, you know how that goes.  They sat on a shelf.  So, when Tuesday morning crafters was started I thought, wow! now I can get those ceramics painted.  It took me almost a year, but I got one piece painted! But then, I did have my medical issues I was dealing with and not making it to crafters every Tuesday, due to doctors appointments and hospital stays.  But, I did finally get one piece done, what an achievement!  Yeah! on to project #2, making a Jelly Roll quilt.

Somehow, the quilting ladies decided they we’re going to have a Jelly Roll Race Day, which would consist of a whole day, not just 2 hours of creating a Jelly Roll Quilt.  Seems you can do this in a day, google it, how to make a Jelly Roll Quilt.  There are tutorials, its easy, its amazing.  Well, I have not touched a sewing machine or a needle & thread since 2005!

A little side note:  I was sewing the day my mom went into the hospital for the first time.  She was in and out of the hospital & rehabs for almost 4 months until she passed away.  During that time, no sewing got done, it got put away.  Put away for 7 1/2 years!

Well, time to get the old machine out.  Hummmm, the old girl just isn’t the type of machine you can carry around.  No problem, it was time to trade old Betsy in for a newer model.  My girlfriend, Jane, was trading hers in, so I figured I’d trade mine in.  So, together we took our machines in, traded them in and took home brand new lighter portable machines!

This full day of sewing we were to bring our lunch, so I decided, that since I can bake, I’d bake a Jelly Roll Cake to keep in the theme.  I will get a picture up and the recipe soon.

In the meantime, we all went on Jelly Roll shopping frenzies.  I purchased 4 Jelly Rolls, I believe.  I put one together the week before to see how it would go.  I’m a tad dyslexic so a little practice ahead of time is good for me.

Well, the day of the Jelly Roll Race, I believe there was 8 of us, 2 of the ladies just learning to sew and the rest of us at various quilting levels.  What fun!

Including the 1 I did the week before I think I have done 5 Jelly Roll Quilt tops.  The one I did during the Jelly Roll Race is now finished and that one is for my hubby.  Just because you finish a quilt top, doesn’t mean you finish the whole quilt at the same time.  You have to get the batting for the interior of the quilt, you have to decide what you want the back of your quilt to look like and then you have to decide how your going to bind you quilt.  This all takes time to figure out and of course a road trip or two to the fabric store, where of course you don’t just buy the fabric you need for the quilt, you buy more!

Yup, its an addiction.  My girlfriend Jane, is a quilting machine!  She just started quilting and can’t stop!  Lord knows how many she’s made this month.  You go Jane!

Right now, I’m working on one particular Jelly Roll, its driving me crazy.  I did the Jelly Roll like I always do but didn’t like the way the pattern turned out  (Yes, I should have taken a picture, but who knew it was going to go like this).  So, I brought it to crafters and my girlfriend Sue, helped me to figure out what I didn’t like about it, seemed it was visually lopsided.  So, dear Sue, ripped some seams out for me and we flipped it around.  I brought it home and sewed it back together.  It looked much better, but, still didn’t do it for me.

Meanwhile, I’m looking at different quilting & material stores on the internet (its an addiction remember, you just can’t get enough material or patterns or ideas!).  Anyway, I found patterns for Jelly Roll Quilts that were a step above the plain ol’ Jelly Roll.  So, I decided to cut my Jelly Roll Quilt in to strips in the opposite direction and make blocks.  The blocks are 4 squares by 4 squares, worked to get the pattern & coloring just right.  Yeah, I have a plan, oooooo let me add to that plan,  I will add sashing between my blocks, oooooo, I think I will add sashing in a basket weave pattern! Yes! A basket weave!  That’s what it needs!  Okay I have a plan & I have my plan on paper.

Now that the plans on paper, I need to figure out how much fabric I need for the sashing, the border and the backing.  I figured and figured and figured, my hubby tried to help with the math, but since I couldn’t figure out, how to figure it out, he couldn’t help with the math.  So a road trip is need to the fabric store to get the fabric & help with my calculations.  What fun is a road trip to the fabric store without a friend, so Jane & I went off to buy fabric.  It’s like taking a kid into a toy store for the first time, every time!  Anyway, we got our fabrics & home we came.

I hurried to my new craft area in our basement, I have a nice big table for laying out fabric or wrapping gifts or crafting.  So I laid out my fabric, got my diagram that I drew and started cutting my fabric.  No, problem!  Cutting went smoothly, got everything cut out in record time.  Yeah! onto the sewing…..

Well, sewing when smoothly until I looked at what I had together, not good.  My basket weave pattern was not there, ugggg, where’s the seam ripper.  I had about 1/4 of the quilt together and had to rip out most of it, thats what I get for not following my own directions!  So I ripped, and ripped and ripped, then I ironed, and looked at my diagram and sewed.

I have it all put back together and have stopped for the night.  I don’t want to make any more mistakes for today, so I decided to write about it.   I will get this finished and I will put up a photo or two.  Tomorrow the weather is suppose to be nice and warm, so yard work it will be, quilting will have to wait a day.

Let me know if you’ve made any Jelly Roll Quilts or what kind of quilts you’ve made & what problems you may have had.

Here are 2 photos of this quilt right now.

Jelly Roll Quilt

Jelly Roll quilt cut down and sewn into blocksJelly Roll QuiltUnfinished jelly roll quilt cut into blocks with red sashing

This quilt is now completed, if you didn’t see the finished work, click on this link “It’s Finally Finished


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