It’s Finally Finished!

Well, FINALLY!  This red jelly roll quilt is done.  The pattern is called Northcote Range Jelly Roll by Cabbages & Roses, I purchased the fabric at the Missouri Quilt Co.  As I stated in my previous blog Ever Make a Jelly Roll Quilt??  this particular jelly roll drove me crazy.  Well, finally the craziness is over and the quilt is complete and I finally LIKE IT!  It measures a whopping 53″ x 72″ and I’ll say it again, IT’S DONE!!!  It drove me crazy from the very beginning to the very end.  Needless to say, even though I know like it, I will someday be gifted to someone.

Also, next Tuesday, during our crafters at church, we will be making baby quilts.  These quilts will be donated to Choices of the Heart.  We are also accepting donations from anyone, who would like to supply fabric for this cause or if they are a knitter or crocheter, that they create some baby items as well to be donated.

Below you will find two photos of my now completed quilt and a photo of a started quilt that will be donated to Choices of the Heart.  I will be making more, but this is the one I started on yesterday, the name of the fabric is Curiosities Layer Cake and purchased at Missouri Quilt Co.  Some little girl is going to enjoy this for years to come.

Stay tuned for more quilts and a special Wedding Dress Memory Quilt blog, that I will be starting in the coming weeks.  I will be using my daughters wedding dress and mine, to make her a memory quilt.  I have some ideas ready to go and the ladies at crafters are going to help me out, should I need it.

To read the beginning of this blog click on this link “Ever Make A Jelly Roll Quilt??


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