Finished Another One!

I just finished another Jelly Roll Quilt.  This one I made reversible.  Jelly Roll on one side and a coordinating one on the other side made with a coordinating panel and layer cake pieces.  Again, I purchased my fabric from Missouri Star Quilt Co.  The name of the fabrics are:  Tea House Teal Jelly Roll, Tea House Teal Layer Cake and Tea House – Geisha Garden Antique Tea Panel.

First I completed the jelly roll and fell totally in love with it.  Then I flipped it over and started laying out the panel and the layer cake pieces until I got a pattern that I really liked & saw that it would fit on the jelly roll. I put my layer cake pieces on the diagonal.  When I put the batting in, I put the two sides faced together, laid the batting on top, I folded over the sides, and stitched just the sides together, then flipped it all right-side out.  Once on the right side, I folded one strip of the jelly roll on the top and on the bottom to the paneled piece and stitched.  Little did I know while I was making it, but the part that I folded to the paneled side matches the floral piece near it.

All in all, time wise, maybe took me 10 hours, total for the completed quilt.  The fabric in this quilt is amazing,  there is gold running though most of the pieces.  The photos don’t do it justice.  The have this same theme in plum which I plan to make also.

For those of you who are following my sewing blogs, Ever Make a Jelly Roll Quilt?? and It’s Finally Finished!  will already know that some of our church ladies, me included, are making quilts to donate to Choices of the Heart.  I posted a picture of the Curiosities Layer Cake  that I’m working on, I’ll repost that below so you don’t have to go back and look for it, along with 3 others that I’ve started (2 Baby Talk & 1 The Simple Life made from 2 charm packs) and 1(Happi – Panel Quilt Pink) that I’ve completed.  I have 2 to start Rockets & Robots and  The Lorax Jelly Roll, which I plan to make the traditional jelly roll then cut it apart and get 2 maybe 3 baby quilts out of it. I will blog that as I do it.  All of which I purchased the fabric from Missouri Star Quilt Co. we are also accepting donations of fabric and notions for those who’d like to help out and don’t sew.  Some of our ladies do crochet & knit and they also donated some items.

But my next big project is going to be the Memory Quilt for my daughter & son-in-law, made from her wedding dress and possibly mine.  I plan on starting this next Tuesday, May 7th, so stay tuned.  I plan on blogging that step by step.

I welcome your comments and questions.


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