I Just Can’t Believe It!

I just can’t believe it! My poor handsome Buddy. It seems while we were away at Longwood Gardens today, Reds challenged Buddy and I can’t believe it Buddy lost!

My poor handsome Buddy is a bloody mess, he’s even missing his right spur!  Buddy is about twice the weight of Reds, Reds is a tad taller, but Buddy has the bulk.  I would have never thought that in a battle to be the patriarch at this point that Reds would win.  We’ve never had roosters before, so I didn’t know the signs.  Buddy has been keep Reds away when I hand feed the girls.  Reds would come over, I’d have to be sneaky to feed him, but as soon a Buddy noticed, he’d back him away.

Buddy is now a loner, I feel so bad for him.  We’ll see how it goes tonight.  Buddy will be the last one in tonight, oh, I’m sorry, I have to say it again, I just can’t believe it!

How ’bout you??  Do you have any rooster stories??

You can get an update on Buddy here on my latest blog Update On Buddy


8 thoughts on “I Just Can’t Believe It!

    • Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and respond. I’m not sure how this rooster challenge works, since this is our first time to have roosters. But poor Buddy’s ego has been squashed. Right now during the day he hangs out in our grove of pine trees, at night he’s the last one to go back to the hen house. When we go to close it up for the night my hubby puts Buddy in a cage for fear that Reds would kill him in the morning before we get out there to open the hen house. Yesterday his left eye was completely swollen shut. Other than that he appears well. My heart aches for him, but this is the nature of things, its how God made them. The young viral move up when it’s time. I just wasn’t ready, looking back these past weeks I think Buddy knew his hierarchy might be coming to an end.

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