Update on Buddy


Well, it’s 4 days since Buddy & Reds had their rooster challenge, which Buddy lost.  He’s been moping around with a crushed ego.  He’s been hiding out in our grove of pine trees all by himself.  At night he’s the last one to go into the hen house.  When we go to close the hen house up for the night, we move him to a cage so he doesn’t get beaten up by Reds in the morning before we go open up for the day.

His eye is still shut, don’t know if he’ll be able to see again or not.  He is getting around very well, he’s eating and drinking, just keeping his distance from Reds.

Today, Buddy has been hanging closer to our house, the pines are beyond our house.  He’s been hanging on the patio.  I’ve been hand feeding him daily to make sure he is eating something.  So this morning all I had to do was open the back door and feed him.  He’s been crowing, walking around the exterior of the house, it rained this morning, Buddy doesn’t like the rain too much, he doesn’t like his feathers mussed up, but he kept out of the rain.

I noticed this afternoon some of the girls are visiting Buddy.  This photo is of Buddy and Goldie, as you can tell by looking at Goldie she’s one of the favorites.  His main girl Sassie isn’t laying any eggs, guess she’s trying to adjust to the new hierarchy.  Sassie is the only one of my girls that lays a robins egg blue egg, so its easy to tell when she’s not laying.

So, this is the update on Buddy, we’re still keeping an eye on him to see if he will get back in with the flock without any more confrontations or we’ll have to re-home him, which I really don’t want to do, he’s such a love.

If you missed the beginning of this story, you can catch up here on my previous blog I Just Can’t Believe It!


3 thoughts on “Update on Buddy

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  2. Here’s another update, its day 5 and Buddy’s eye is opened and he can see! He has a few hens hanging out with him and he’s not hiding out in the pines now, he’s hanging closer to the flock

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