Family Dinner Mexican Style

GuacamoliRice and BeansMole Sauce9a baked9g presentation

Mexican Dinner, a set on Flickr.

Well last night we had a family dinner with our local kids. Our 2 sons Harry & Jeffrey are both married and live local. Harry is married to Val and they have 2 boys, Anthony 12 and Tyler 7. Our daughter, MaLinda & her hubby Ryan and our grand daughter Kayla live in Maryland so we don’t get them here for family dinners to often. Our youngest son Jeffrey was here for dinner, but his wife, Abby had a previous engagement and couldn’t make it. I’m always a little sad when the whole gang can’t be here, but stuff happens.

I decided that I’d make Mexican. So that would be food for 9, including my soon to be 89 year old dad.

My menu consisted of: Homemade Guacamole, Nachos (pictured below), Cilantro Rice with Black Beans, Pork Enchiladas with homemade Mole Sauce, Corn (not pictured) and Mixed Berry Empanadas for dessert.

My hubby isn’t much for spicy foods, and nothing here was spicy, but he always thinks I’m going to sneak something in…which sometimes I do, but not this time.  Needless to say his comment after giving everything a try was “Even though I don’t like this, I like it”  and our oldest son Harry, saw me taking photos for this blog, said are you cooking for presentation or cooking for taste??  I said can’t it be both? and he said no, so I picked taste, because if it doesn’t taste good whats the sense, but, really, if it doesn’t look good your not going to eat it anyway.  We taste with our eyes first, they say.  Anyway, I asked him what he though, and he asked me if he was to compare me to Val, I said no, you can’t compare us, its not fair.  So he said it was good, he ate 2 plates, so I know he liked it.

Okay, so below are the recipes and any links associated with the recipes and photos.  There are a couple fuzzy photos and I apologize in advance for them, I’m still getting use to this blogging and taking photos while I’m cooking & baking, for these ones, I took a few left handed, so their fuzzy.

Guacamoli Recipe

Cilantro White Rice & Black Beans

Mole Sauce

Pork Enchiladas


Berry Empanadas


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