Everything is Back to Normal in Buddy’s Flock


…..Well, its a new normal.  If you’ve been following my blog on Buddy’s Flock, you would know that Buddy & Reds had a rooster challenge (I Just Can’t Believe It!) and the patriarch which was Buddy lost and Red’s took over, leaving Buddy a bloody mess.  My hubby wanted to re-home Buddy because of his injuries and due to the fact that Reds still wanted to inflict more damage on my poor Buddy.  My hubby had lined someone up to come get Buddy while I was at church, well, when that person showed up, they couldn’t find Buddy!  Whew!  So, with a couple dozen eggs in hand they left and Buddy appeared.

During the day Buddy was fine, some hens would even hang with him, but he would remain secluded while he was healing.  At night when we would close up the hen house we’d put Buddy in a cage so Reds wouldn’t hurt him.  When Buddy healed, we left him out of the cage at night and put Reds in, trying to knock him down a few pegs.  During that time, I knew in my heart I couldn’t bear to re-home Buddy, he’s such a love bug and takes such good care of the hens, that I gave my hubby permission to re-home Reds.  He made a phone call and again, while I was in church last Sunday, the folks came and took Reds.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Reds and will definitely miss him.

Buddy and his flock are now back to normal, with Buddy the patriarch and all the hens with him.  Yes, we still do have Danny Boy.  Danny Boy is only 6 months old and he will be re-homed before any rooster challenges happen again.  I can’t get Danny Boy as friendly as Buddy or Reds, so it won’t be as hard for me to re-home him.  It is nice to have 2 roosters, to be on the look out while we have so many predators around, and I’m sure Danny Boy will be around for a while longer.  He has a ways to go before he moves up in the pecking order.

How many hens, chicks and roosters do you have?  Have you had any problems with rooster challenges?  How do you handle your roos?


3 thoughts on “Everything is Back to Normal in Buddy’s Flock

  1. We have our one and only rooster, Big Rooster Joe (BRJ). He is a one-eyed gentleman who always looks out for his ladyhens. We adore him. He is a sweet guy. We don’t free range our flock because the neighborhood dog is faaar too interested in making toys out of our chickens. So, extra security is not a worry for us. The flock was passed down to us from a family in church that is now doing a year on the road with their children. From what they say, BRJ just came out of the woods one day and began looking after the 5 hens. He has loved them ever since 🙂 A good rooster is a good friend.

    • Hello and thanks for responding. A good rooster is a pleasure to have. I’m wondering since Joe has one eye if he didn’t have the same thing happen to him that happened to Buddy. We are very thankful that Buddy didn’t loose his eye. But I would assume that if there were other chickens nearby that Buddy may have moved on after the confrontation and someone would have inherited a wonderful roo. I’m glad I made the choice to rehome Reds and keep Buddy. It’s all a learning experience and I know it’s the nature of how things are suppose to go, but, hopefully will never happen again. My heart broke for poor Buddy.

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