Frogs, Flowers & Photo Fun!

TreeFrogtree frogsTree FrogDSC09241Strawberry ShrubChinese Dogwood
Chinese DogwoodClematisPeonyWhite PeonyWhite PeonyCoral Iris
Peach IrisPink IrisPink PeonyPink PeonyMini IrisGarden by the patio
IrisIrisFlowering FernWolfbaneStella d'oro LilyNew Container Garden

My Flowers, a set on Flickr.

Today is day 2 of temps in the 90’s here in South Jersey and I’m no way complaining! I’ve been waiting for warm weather for sometime! So, happy its finally here!
If you’ve read my previous blog: Gardening With Buddy’s Flock you’ll know what challenges I’m up against and already know that my hubby took me to Lowes yesterday to get some flowers. It’s been cool here in NJ and I’ve been waiting for the warm weather to finally get here to get busy gardening. Well, its here! Yeah!
So, today when I went to get my garden caddy out of the garden shed 2 tree frogs popped out at the top of the doors. They were there last year, guess they’re there this year too! That’s fine let them eat the bugs! Well, what ever bugs the chickens don’t get. There were some spider in there, so I left the doors open and the girls happily jumped in to clean house. They love spiders!
I took some photos of whats currently blooming, my Irises are starting to bloom, Irises are one of my favorites. The Peonies are in bloom, also blooming are the Strawberry Shrubs, Chinese Dogwood, Clematis, the Flowering Ferns, the Wolfbane (but I’m not sure that’s what it is, if you know, let me know please) and the Stella D’Oros are just starting.
What’s blooming in your yard? And if you have backyard chickens how do you maintain peace in the garden??


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