Gardening with Buddy’s Flock

BuddyHen in my potContainer GardeningBuddy sideviewShowoffSassie
RIR MamaLilieFuzzieDanny BoyPool for the girlsDrinkin by the Waterfall

The Flock, a set on Flickr.

Well, I finally got a chance to be outside and start working in my gardens. My hubby took me to Lowes yesterday and he got me some plants. He got me a beautiful potted garden with a Banana tree and beautiful Mandevilla and some fern, which we brought home and replanted in our huge metal planter. I put a bird house in there along with my ceramic cherub. We also stuck rock around to hopefully deter the girls from getting in there and scratching. I generally plant inpatients in there every year, but last summer being our first true summer with the flock, the inpatients lost out.

Allot of my gardens lost out, my Hostas look like locusts have landed, last year was awful, this year, they don’t look quite as bad, but their bad!

Buddy is coming along nicely healing from his battle wounds with Reds. Reds has since been re-homed, and the flock is going great. Sassie is no longer Buddy’s favorite and her feathers are growing back. She’s still sassy though and I will never, ever, name another chicken Sassie! Danny Boy is coming up in the wings, and is doing quite well at being a young roo. His crow is coming along and he looks more like his father everyday, except for his comb!

Today was day 2 of weather in the 90’s here in South Jersey. Less then a week ago we had our heater on, now we have the air conditioner on. Strange and unusual weather this year, but now that its warm I’m a happy gardener! Yes, even though we jump right into hot weather, I’m a happy gardener! I much rather the heat than the cold. But, the flock isn’t so happy, so this year I pulled the baby pool out of the shed and put some water in it. See if they decide to get in. I’ve seen those photos on the internet of some chickens swimming, I don’t know about that, but mine do stand in their water dishes, so we’ll se how it goes. We will also be putting a fan in the hen house this year, its awful warm in there even with the window up and the door open. I don’t like to see my girls pant.

We have a new garden area by our back door where we are going to put a bubble fountain sometime this summer, but in the meantime I just planted Vinca’s around the edge to spruce it up a tad, well, before the girls come a scratching I put paper cups around the Vinca’s to try to give them a good start, we’ll see how that goes.

New Garden

Above is the new garden area, just created this past fall, below is what it looks like right now.  Bear in mind this is far from done.

New garden

I also put in a container garden just across the walkway from the new garden. The flock is always dusting there and the sidewalk get very dirty and my plants get ruined. So, container gardening it is and rocks placed in the containers to try and keep the girls out. They’re just so nosy!

In the photos below, this first photo is how my herb garden looked after my chickens changed it into a dusting arena, the next photo is where we put in the containers yesterday with some herbs, the last photo you see Miss Wuzzie dusting between the pots…. so far… so good. (you can click on the photos to have a good look)

Herb Garden
    New Container Garden Container Gardening

How ’bout you? How do you keep your flock cool?? How do you garden with your chickens?


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