The Starlight Lounge

As seen on Diners, Drive Inns and Dives, The Starlight Lounge in Blawnox, Pa (near Pittsburgh) is a dive, but the food is fabulous! My hubby got the Peroggi’s which are huge and he only got the appetizer size which is 2! The platter size is 3. The was a man there eating them and he said it was his 3rd time this week to eat there! My hubby also had a bowl of ham and bean soup, both items he loved and ate every bite. I got the BBQ Chicken Salad, when you look at the picture you will wonder what’s in it, under the cheese is BBQ chicken, under the BBQ chicken is French fries… Yup, French fries! Seems they do this in the Pittsburgh area, they also are known for putting brown gravy on French fries too. Anyway under the fries is a wonderful salad with a variety of greens, peppers, black olives and hard boiled egg. I was a little leary of fries on my salad but the flavor was very nice, I would order this again if we ever go that way again.




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