Chicago Brauhaus

Today we had a late lunch at the Chicago Brauhaus, as seen on Diners, Drive Inns and Dives. This was an episode that we watched and drooled over, so we knew if weever visited Chicago we’d have to eat here. It was worth waiting for.
Being our first time to Chicago folks told us we should take the train in, but my hubby’s always up for a driving challenge, so we opted to drive. Knowing we were going at what we figured would be a good time to avoid the rush traffic and our thinking paid off. We had no problem getting there, we had no problem parking, we actually had parking choices. The only ‘schlock’ we had was paying for the parking, luckily we have been to Philly enough that the little pay here for your parking ticket machine wasn’t too intimidating. What was the shocker was, we paid for one hour and 15 minutes of parking $2.50 …. They then, charge you $1.50 TAX!!!!! So parking was $4.00 for and hour and 15 minutes.
The restaurant was everything we hoped for, definitely German, inside and out.tye owner came to the table to say hello, his name was Harry, so of course my hubby got a double hand shake when he told him his name was Harry too. 🙂
The food was wonderful and fast, the waitress was just as wonderful, told us to make sure we saved room for dessert because the Apple Strudel just came out of the oven, so we had that for dessert, which we shared.
Yep, I blew my no wheat diet…. eating style/choice, I knew I would to eat there because I was determined I was going to have Spätzle. Spätzle is a German noodle which i’ve never had, so wanted to give it a try. Luckily it was pared with roasted pork and red cabbage for the daily special, so that’s what I had. My hubby had the meatloaf with green beans and mashed potatoes, both came with soup or salad he got split pea soup, I got the salad with the house vinegarette.


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