Cherry Mash Candy

Cherry Mash

Sometime ago on the Food Network show Unwrapped, I saw how Cherry Mash was made. Being from South Jersey I had never had this candy, since its made in the mid-west and only sold in the mid-west. I thought to myself, make a note, if ever in the mid-west you need to try this.
Well, here we are traveling through the mid-west. Needless to say, my mental note never came to the forefront of my brain until we were at a gas/convenience store in Missouri. My hubby asked me if there was anything I wanted I said no, turned to walk out and there was a bin of Cherry Mash candy. I picked it up and had a look at it, bingo! My brain registered! Told my hubby about the show and we picked up two.
This candy is considered a candy bar and from what I just read on the Cherry Mash website, it was the 3rd candy bar created in the US. Impressive. This candy bar is round and is at least the size of a golf ball. It has milk chocolate a chopped nuts on the outside and cherry fondant in the center.
It tastes good but you have to like cherry. I do, no problem especially when the cherry is covered in chocolate. On a personal note, I would like it better if it was dark chocolate, my hubby agreed, but that’s just our opinion.
If your ever in the mid-west give this candy bar a try and let me know how you liked it. If you are in the mid-west let me know if this is one of your favorite candy bars.

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