Dressel’s Public House

Dressel’s Public House

Today we’re passing through St. Louis, MO to see the famous arch (yes, I went up in it and pictures will be posted once we get home and I sort through them, pictures your seeing now are from my phone) and eat!
Once again searching out an eatery from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and again the triple D doesn’t disappoint.  We arrived in St. Louis today, June 23rd a Sunday.  So sorting through the places that have been visited by Guy Fieri I had to keep that in mind.  You’d be surprise the places not open on Sundays and Mondays.  Anyway, I whittled it down to Dressel’s and we were very pleased.
Being a Sunday afternoon they were serving brunch which was okay with us, but the hostess told me we wouldn’t be able to order what Guy had since we weren’t there for dinner.   She did say however, that their signature Bretzel (which is half pretzel half bread, its made like a pretzel par boiled then baked to finish, but is the size of a small loaf of bread) was on the menu, but not the way Guy had it since it was brunch, but if we wanted it prepared the ‘Guy’ way they would accommodate us.  Wow, their earning brownie points!  Anyway, Guy had the  Bretzel with their Rarebit sauce, but we went with 1 Bretzel rolled in Cinnamon & Sugar, Carmel Sauce, (and yes, I once again blew my gluten free diet, better luck tomorrow).
My hubby ordered the Monte Cristo – RoastedTurkey, House back bacon, Gruyere, battered brioche, seasonal jam, house chips.
I ordered the Eggs Reuben- Sweet potato & corned beef hash, toasted rye, fried farm egg, chipotle hollandaise without the bread, and I’m sorry, I cut into mine before taking the photo! What was I thinking!? I know what I was thinking… I’m hungry!  I’m also sorry if the photos are dark, again these are taken with my cell phone, sorry.
Well, they brought us the Bretzel first, it was good, it would have been amazing if it had been fully cooked through….I showed the hostess, she and our waiter apologized and offered us another which we declined, because we wanted to eat the rest of our meal, we did have enough of the Bretzel to know we liked it and yes we would order it again should we ever be in St. Louis again.  Being a home baker, I know that things can go wrong with breads, there’s allot to do with humidity and timing.  Knowing that they were genuinely sorry, offered us another and took this off our bill without a blink of an eye.  This is a good place to eat at, so if your I the area, do stop by.
Everything else we had was delicious and the service was great.

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