Woodyard Bar-B-Q

Woodyard Bar-B-Q

On Saturday, June 22nd we arrived in Kansas City, MO. So after checking through the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives places, we chose the Woodyard Bar-B-Q. Again, no complaints. This wonderful dive, has eat in or outside on the patios or deck. We were there on a Saturday night and they even had live music out on the deck where we ate, very nice.
I ordered the Burnt Ends Sandwich and a side their Cheesy Corn, and no, I didn’t slip off my no gluten diet, I didn’t eat the bun. The Cheesy Corn is basically whole kernel corn in a buttery cheese sauce, very nice.
My hubby ordered the Rib Basket which consists of 4 Ribs & 2 Sides, he decided on potato salad and coleslaw. I must say he practically inhaled the potato salad he liked it that much.
So, if your ever in Kansas City, MO give ‘um a try.

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