Virgil’s Cafe’

Virgil’s Cafe

Today we’re here in Kentucky visiting the Creation Museum in Pettersburg, if you have any questions on creation or evolution this is the place to go, also if wonder about the dinosaurs and how they’re related to the Bible this is where your questions will be answered.

Of course we have to eat, so back to the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives site to see if there are any places in the area. Since we’re close to Cincinnati of course there are! Today, we chose Virgil’s Cafe’ in Belleview, KY.

Well worth the trip. I had the Chicken and Andouille Étouffée – Smothered chicken and house made andouille sausage over dirty rice and garlic bread. Very good, and plenty of food, if we were closer to home I would have taken a doggie bag. This is one of the items Guy had on the show.

My hubby had the Steak Poutine – house cut fries, gruyere cream, caramelized onion,
black pepper sirloin, and roasted shallot demi. He ate every bite, plus a piece of my garlic bread which I didn’t eat.

The place itself is very nice, it’s not a diner, not a drive-in but I wouldn’t call it a dive. It’s a quaint little cafe’ :-). They try to get all their food locally, they grow some of the greens that they use out back and their menu changes seasonally.

So, again triple D, no disappointments here. If your in the Cincinnati area, be sure to stop and give Virgil’s Cafe‘ a try and let me know if you do!


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