Finally! We have a Broody Hen!

It’s been since December!  but finally!  Goldie is broody.  This is her first time to go broody, she’s been working at it for nearly 2 months!  She’s been running around doing the mama cluck and all puffed up, chasing any one or anything that was in her way.  I was just getting ready to tell my hubby to get out the broody box and we would put her in it at night with some eggs to see if she’d get the complete idea, well, I thought it and she did it all on her own, the same day!  She’s been truly broody sitting on eggs since Thursday, July 4th.  So, that makes the chicklets ready to hatch on July 25th!  Can’t wait!  We really need some fresh chickens around here.

Like I said, we’ve not had any broodies or chicks since December.  Then we had 2 broody moms and they each hatched 3 chicks.  Gave us 6 chicks, 3 females & 3 males.  Out of those 6, we only have Danny Boy, the other 5 we’re taken by predators.  😦

Now, do you pick the eggs for your broody hens to sit on??  Or do you let them sit on the eggs they’ve already chosen??  I stumbled across this article on Facebook: How To Choose Fertilized Chicken Eggs and it tells how to choose eggs which will produce females or cockerels.  Interesting.  Well, I book marked it on Pinterest on my Backyard Chickens Board for safe keeping.  When Goldie went broody I pulled it back up and tried to hand pick my eggs for her to incubate.  Take a look at the article and take a look at the photo I posted of her eggs and make a guess on what you think she’ll hatch out?  Let me know.  My guess is:  6 female, 2 cockerels.


2 thoughts on “Finally! We have a Broody Hen!

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