Looking for names, any suggestions???

Latest Additions to Buddy’s Flock…

…well, Buddy might not consider them an addition, and the girls might not consider them an addition, but they’re living in the hen house so their an addition.  We’ve added 2 farm kittens.  My hubby would have been happy just adding 1, but I believe that 1 is a lonely number especially when trying to live in new accommodations that don’t include your breed.  So, 2 it is.

We were lucky enough to get these girls from the same folks we got some of our chickens from and Buddy.  So, they already know what a chicken is.  We did have a kitten here in the fall and we were trying to tame her, but she met up with an unfortunate farm accident and we’ve been trying to decide since then if we wanted to add a farm cat to the farm.  They answer as you can see is yes, they are needed for some predator control.  I’m told females are better for that.  And, yes, we are going to have them ‘fixed’.

We brought them home Saturday evening, we put them in a cage with straw, water and food and put a board on top of the cage so the chickens wouldn’t poop on them or terrorize them.  And it all worked out wonderfully.  Sunday morning we let the kittens out and they’ve been hanging in the hen house and around the chicken yard ever since.  Love it when things go according to plan.

I wanted to get the kittens and have them in place before the chicks hatch which should be Thursday the 25th, but from what I’ve been reading on other blogs, with the heat, some chicks have been coming a day early so maybe tomorrow!  Can’t wait, I’m so excited.  I do want to go and do a little sprucing in the hen house sometime today but its been off and on pouring,  hope this clears up soon.

So what do you think of our new kittens? any suggestions for names?? They are both girls and they are not siblings.  The grey one is older than the black one.  I didn’t know if I want names that go together like Thelma & Louise or  just individual names.  Like Patches for the little black, calico one which back legs look like they we’re patched onto her.  The grey one could be Tiger, but I’m not feelin’ it.  What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Looking for names, any suggestions???

  1. I am not good with cat names, but my soon to be 13 yr old son suggests Socks for the black kitten with the unique back leg stockings. The other kitten, the only thing I can think of, would be Mittens. Just off the wall thinking. They are beautiful kittens. Nice post.

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