The Baby Chicks are Here!

Finally!  The wait is over!  They we’re due to hatch on the 25th and they started hatching on the 24th!  I had been reading allot of blogs lately where their chicks were hatching a day early everyone blaming the heat.  So, I figured mine might just follow along and they did.  4 hatched on the 24th and 1 on the 25th.  Goldie was sitting on 8 eggs, 5 out of 8 not bad and it looks like their all girls!! Yeah!   I do the wing check and it for me works.  Here’s the You Tube video for you to watch if your interested:  Sexing Baby Chicks.

The last few days before they started to hatch, on 2 seperate days, we had hens manage to get into the broody box, while Goldie was out for her daily dusting, and lay eggs, so we had 10 total.  We had planned to relocate the 2 newest eggs once the 8 chicks hatched, because my friend Pam’s hen went broody and they have no rooster.

Anyway, one egg went missing, and Goldie left the nest with her chicks before we thought she would.  Hens generally know if their eggs are going to hatch or not.  So that left us with 4 eggs, I would have candled them but they we’re all so dirty, that we disposed of them.  I gave Pam 6 fresh eggs to start her broody on, at the same time our hen Dottie went broody and is sitting on 10.  I didn’t get to hand pick these eggs, and really haven’t had a chance to even look at them so right now can’t guess for you if I think they’re hens or roos, but Pam’s look to me like they should all be hens.  Remember my last blog with the attachment (How To Choose Fertilized Chicken Eggs and it tells how to choose eggs which will produce females or cockerels.  Interesting.  Well, I book marked it on Pinterest on my Backyard Chickens Board for safe keeping.  When Goldie went broody I pulled it back up and tried to hand pick my eggs for her to incubate.)  I’m agreeing at this point with that article.   Dottie’s eggs should hatch on August 14th, I can’t wait!  I just LOVE baby chicks!


7 thoughts on “The Baby Chicks are Here!

    • Thank you, they are! Goldie is doing a very good job so far. Our flock free ranges all day, so its just a matter of time when she’ll take the chicks out into the world. Luckily, its almost a week and she seems content keeping them in the chicken yard, going back & forth to the hen house for naps and then back into the yard under the big weeds for camouflage.

    • Yes, I know! It’s hard though, to enjoy them, when their under the strict supervision of the mom! Love watching them, how how the mom teaches them, it’s just amazing.

    • Thank you! Mamma Dottie’s eggs are now hatching, she has 5 already, 3 black, 2 white and 3 eggs to go. I hope they all hatch!
      By the way, I do love your photography.
      God Bless,

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