Dottie’s Eggs

Remember my last blog & the blog before that, with the attachment (How To Choose Fertilized Chicken Eggs and it tells how to choose eggs which will produce females or cockerels.  Interesting.  Well, I book marked it on Pinterest on my Backyard Chickens Board for safe keeping.  When Goldie went broody I pulled it back up and tried to hand pick my eggs for her to incubate.)  I’m agreeing at this point with that article.  So I’m trying it again with Dottie even though we didn’t hand pick the eggs this time.

Dottie’s eggs should hatch on August 14th, I can’t wait!  According to my hubby when she first started sitting, Dottie was on 10 eggs, either he can’t count or an egg is MIA.   Anyway, she’s on 9.  So, take a look at the picture of her 9 eggs and make a guess as to what you think will hatch out.  My guess is 8 girls, 1 boy, I hope they all hatch.  We’ve never had 100% hatch before, have you??


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