Curiosities Layer Cake Quilt is DONE!

Wow! I can’t believe I haven’t really done any sewing this summer! I last blogged about finishing my Teahouse Quilt May 1.  In that blog, if you scroll down you will see photos of other baby quilts that I had started for Choices of the Heart which I did finish in July and were already donated to the Choices of the Heart.  I will attach those photos at the bottom of this page.

This quilt is a big quilt, measuring  45″ x 65″.  It is a Curiosities Layer Cake which I purchased the layer cake squares from the Missouri Star Quilt Co.  As  you can see from the photo I laid the squares out, got a little semmitry going on and sewed them together.  I put batting in the center and pink flannel on the back.  I used cream color blanket binding and added some lace.

This is to be given to one of the new moms to be that comes to our church.  So, we not only are making quilts for Choices of the Heart we are making baby quilts for the new moms of our church, we are making lap quilts for the of shut ins of our church, for the veterans home and now we’re making them for the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Philadelphia, PA along with hats for the cancer patients.

Quilts completed and donated to the Choices of the Heart:


5 thoughts on “Curiosities Layer Cake Quilt is DONE!

  1. What beautiful quilts ..and what loving care you have taken..i am very envious of your patience and skill..they look like they will be well loved by their recipients 🙂 Have a great day Fozziemum

    • Well, thank you for the nice words. If you know how to use a sewing machine you can quilt. They’ve made it even easier these days with the charm packs, the layer cake packs and the jelly roll packs. Everything is cut all you have to do is sew. So, if you can sew I recommend giving it a try. I find if very therapeutic. When we make these for donating we pray over them while we’re making them.
      Thank you again for your comments and thank you for looking at my blog.

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