Re-Homing 2 of my Flock

Well, seems Mr. Danny Boy (AKA Jr.) wants life easy, so he has starting trying to ‘dominate’ my mama hen Goldie.  Yesterday I witnessed this action and I wasn’t very pleased with him.  He’s chasing her, catching her, ‘dominating’ her, the baby chicks are being scattered, running and screaming, Goldie is screaming, not a pleasant thing to watch.  He tried it again and I threw a bowl at him.  He stopped, then when all the flock went into the yard for the evening, I shut the gate, leaving Jr out, until Goldie got her babies to bed.  Of course, Buddy was elsewhere with the flock when Jr did this, so she was unprotected, would have never happened with Buddy in the area, but mama hens generally keep the chicks away from the flock while their in training.

Needless to say, with actions like that, he’s no longer welcome.  He will be re-homed TODAY.  Sassie will also be re-homed.  Sassie is my meanest hen, she’s sassy.  She will reach out of the nest and peck you, doesn’t matter how close or how far away you are, if she’s in the nest she’s going to get you, or if you walking by the roost in the evening.  She did that to me once, got me pretty good, I turned around and gently, but firmly grabbed her by the neck, we had an eye to eye moment, she never pecked me again after that.  She now even comes to say hello to me, its all about respect and the hierarchy.  So, why am I re-homing her?  She’s 2 years old and has stopped laying.  She’s my only baby blue egg layer, so we know when she lays. If by chance she’s laying somewhere else, we’ve not found the spot.  She hasn’t laid any eggs that we know of in about 2 months.  She’s not molting, and not broody, as a matter of fact her feathers for once in her life are beautiful, since she is no longer a rooster favorite.  She was Buddy’s main girl until the Buddy/Reds rooster challenge, (click here to read I Just Can’t Believe It, about the rooster challenge if you haven’t read it already) now she’s just one of the girls.


Now, the other day, my hubby was cleaning out the shed where we keep the chicken feed, so that the kittens can bed down in there at night, (By the way, my hubby is NOT a ‘cat lover’ but somehow, these kittens, if its at all possible, I swear, he loves them more than I do!)  Anyway, when he was cleaning out the shed, he found 6 eggs!  1 in an empty trash can the others all together, and no, none of them Sassie’s.

Anyway, for the time being we keep the door slightly ajar so the kittens can get in and out, works like a charm, but somehow, through the opening Fuzzie squeezes her way in and manages to lay her egg in an empty trash can!  So, the opening was made smaller.  I was just out hand feeding the girls some scratch and notice Fuzzie going back and forth trying her hardest to get into the shed.  So, I got up and herded her back into the chicken yard and closed the gate, figuring she’d get the point and go in the hen house and lay her egg…………..Nooooooooo, of course not, she just paced back and forth along the fence looking at the shed.  So I went into the chicken yard, caught her and put her in a nest that had 2 eggs and stood there, had to hold her in for a minute, then talked softly to her, then she settled in.  So that’s where she is right now.  See if she gets the point.  I’ll go back and check before I finish this post, so not to leave you hanging.

Okay, while I was busy with the water conditioner guy, she got out, the egg was laid in the trash can.  This is going to be a hard one!  So does anyone else have problems like this?? What’s your answer?? What do you do??  Do you re-home your problem chickens??  How do you retrain your girls to lay where their suppose to??


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