George’s Place, Cape May, NJ

I love watching the Food Network, I love watching Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, its one of my most favorite shows.  I really love it when they go somewhere close to home!  This place, George’s Place in Cape May, NJ is about an hour from our home.  So, when we go to Cape May its usually for the day, and there’s plenty to do there.  Google it if you don’t believe me, things to do in Cape May, NJ.  If you’ve never been to Cape May, you should go, its gorgeous!  Its a sea side town with a victorian flavor, its great to visit any time of year.

This time when we went, we took our 7 year old grandson, Tyler with us.  By the time we got to George’s Place, he was a very tired little boy, because we had him on a the Cape May Ferry round trip, we played miniature golf at the ferry terminal on both sides, we went to Rahoboth board walk, allot of moving around.   He was so tired he didn’t want to order anything to eat, so we decided he could order once we got our platters or he could eat off of ours.  There was plenty, he ate off of ours and we still brought some home!

We started off with the Hummos Sampler (pictured above), they give you 4 different flavors to sample, garlic, basil, olive & red pepper with fresh baked pita.  It was amazing!  I need that hummos recipe!  Our favorites were the basil and the red pepper.  Tyler gave them a try and loved it.

My hubby, had the Crab Cake platter (pictured above).  It came with 2 homemade crab cakes on eggplant orzo with a greek side salad.  He liked it, the crab cake had a little too much filler for his liking but other than that no complaints.

I had the Gyro Platter, which had tender strips of gyro meat (which they tell me is a combination of lamb & beef, you could really taste the lamb, which is a good thing for me), french fries, fresh grilled pita & tzatziki (a yogurt dipping sauce) and a greek side salad.  I loved it.  Tyler ate all my french fries, tried the gyro meat and loved it, so he ate about half of what I had and he ate some of our Greek salad.

NOW, getting to George’s, if you follow the Food Network map, you will end up on the wrong side of Cape May, there is a nice little restaurant on that side, where we ate, the last time we went to Cape May looking for George’s but the Food Network has them on 301 Beach Dr and they are on 301 Beach Ave.  If you do end up on Beach Dr, go to Cabanas Beach Bar & Grill, its really nice and has outdoor dining, they’re right across the street from the bay, really nice.  Here’s the right map to George’s.

NOW, as a side note, first, I do want you to go to Georges, its really good, so don’t change your mind after reading what I’m about to post.  Ahhhhh, the suspense!   When we were in George’s, I told the waiter that we had seen this restaurant on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, he then told me, that when the food network arranged the times it was during Thanksgiving.  George’s brother changed the menu and made it Thanksgiving oriented.  Since then, George’s younger brother opened his own place, 6 door down from George’s!  The name of the place is YB (the younger brother) 😉  any way, the next time we go down, we’re going to visit YB, he has the food he served Guy on his menu.

So, when your in Cape May, NJ I’ve now given you 3 restaurants to check out.  I will post when we get back down there to visit YB.  Let me know when you visit any of these places and how you liked them.


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