The Ice Cream Store

If your ever in Rahoboth, DE stop in at The Ice Cream Store on 6 Rohoboth Ave & the Boardwalk.  You’ll have ice cream selections like you’ve never had before!

We found this little gem on the Food Network Restaurants Page.  It doesn’t say which show this was highlighted on, but I believe it was the Best Thing I Ever Ate.  I did see the show and I remember being amazed at the selection of ice cream flavors.

We were in Cape May for the day with our youngest grandson, Tyler.  We had promised him a trip on the ferry, so we bought the walk on tickets with the shuttle, thats a neat thing to do if your in New Jersey.  You take the ferry to Lewis, get the shuttle and it takes you to Lewis, all the outlets and to the beach.  We, had never done this before and didn’t allot ourselves enough time to do to much, but we did walk the board walk a bit and of course had ice cream at The Ice Cream Store.

Tyler only likes chocolate so when we asked him what he wanted he said chocolate.  The girl standing next to me said get him the Chocolate Chocolate Thunder ice cream.  I said to him, do you want that, he said no, just chocolate.  Hummm, well they give you a sample there, so I whispered to the gal behind the counter to give him a sample of the Chocolate Chocolate Thunder, he loved it!  He said it was the best ice cream he’s ever had.  Now, I HAD to taste the ‘Breakfast’ ice cream, which had bacon in it.  It was a little too mapely for me, so I tried the Traffic Jam, WOW!  Its a mouth full of fruit with a little ice cream.  The fruit is basically different types of berries & cherries, it was to die for!  And me, remember, I don’t eat dairy, so this was a big….huge….cheat for me.  It was well worth it.  My hubby tried a few, but I don’t remember which ones, but he ended up with, Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip and he asked for a scoop of the Chocolate Chocolate Thunder, but guess she mis-understood him and gave him a scoop of chocolate which he loved, so no big deal there.

So, if your ever in Cape May, NJ or Rahoboth, DE do take a minute to have some ice cream.  They also have a self serve sprinkles bar with 15 different types of sprinkles at no additional cost!  By the way, their ice cream is home made and hand scooped.


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