Yellowstone National Park

Bighorn Sheep, Yellowstone National ParkBighorn Sheep #2Bighorn Sheep #3Snow melt offYellowstone LakeYellowstone National Park
ElkWaterfallChipmunkWaterfall #2Waterfall #3Osprey
GorgeGorge #2Gorge #3Dried Up Mud PotBubbling WaterGeyser
Elk #2Elk #3Elk #4Old FaithfulYellowstone SkyOld Faithful

Yellowstone, a set on Flickr.

NOTE: to view all the photos in this Album you need to click right above ‘NOTE’ on the Yellowstone link, there are 141 photos in this set, and if you just click on one of the photos above you’ll only see 24 of them.  Sorry, I just found this out myself.

We stayed in Yellowstone National Park for 3 nights. We arrived on June 12, 2013 and left on June 15th. Each night we stayed at a different place in Yellowstone, we stayed in Canyon Lodge, Old Faithful Inn and Lake Cabins. Our stay was nice, was shocked at first to find out none of the hotels in Yellowstone have air-conditioning, they have a fan in each room. They say you don’t need it.  Well, it was cold while we were there, we had a quarter inch of ice on our truck the first night we were there and the second night it snowed. So, air-conditioning wasn’t needed.

Also, keep in mind, you should make your reservations a year in advance if you want to stay in Yellowstone. We didn’t know we we’re going a year before, but luckily when my hubby called, they had some cancellations and we were able to stay 3 nights in the park.

Quail Platter at Old Faithful Inn

Quail Platter at Old Faithful Inn

Also, dining, is wonderful. One night we ate at the Old Faithful Inn, they offer a buffet or you can order off the menu. My hubby ate off the buffet and I ordered off the menu. The meal was 5*’s in my book. Then another night we ate at the Lake Inn, they offer gluten free alternatives, that was really nice and I give this one a 5* also.
Enjoy the photos.

Click on the Yellowstone, a set on Flickr, to see them larger and in their entirety.

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