Dottie’s Chicks are Here!

Dottie brought her chicks out today for the debut!  They were due to hatch yesterday (Wednesday, August 14) they started hatching a day early, on Tuesday and finished yesterday.

If you remember back on August 1st, I posted Dottie’s Eggs.  She went broody the day that Goldie’s chicks hatched.  Well, she was getting ready before that, but finally figured out what she needed to do then.  Anyway, my hubby moved her and the eggs to one of our broody boxes, he said at that time she was on 10 eggs, I didn’t get a count or look at them until August 1, and then there were 9 (I still don’t know if my hubby counted right) anyway, last week one egg got broke 😦 and that left her with 8 eggs.  She left the nest today with 2 eggs unhatched.  So, we have 6 new grand chicks!

They all look to be girls, I looked yesterday, and thought one of the black ones to be a roo, but dosen’t look that way today.  So, we’ll see in a couple months.  I could use another roo since we re-homed Danny Boy.  Maybe someone else will go broody for me.  🙂

I also, might give one of these chicks away.  My girlfriend Pam’s eggs are due to hatch today.  We gave her the eggs, since she doesn’t have a rooster, but so far, no chicks 😦  Hopefully tonight something will happen if not, on Sat. we’ll take a chick over and stick under her and take the eggs.  She did have some issues in the beginning with her other girls wanting to lay their eggs in the nest with her broody, you know how that goes.  So, they sectioned her off.  But, I don’t know if something may have gone wrong during that time, what do you think??

As you can see in the one photo, the black kitten came into the hen house with me to meet the new chicks.  Dottie pecked at her once and the kitten backed up, but then she came back.  I kept the kitten by me, petting her and held one of the chicks next to her, and the meeting went really well.  So do you have cats with your backyard chickens?? How do they all get along??

You can click on the photos to see them better.  The one with Dottie and the chicks, looks like only 5 chicks, but there are 3 black ones together on the bottom left hand side.


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