Kilwins Fudge

Kilwins Fudge #2Kilwins Fudge

Kilwins Fudge, a set on Flickr. Click on the photos to see them larger.

On Monday we took a day trip down to Lewes & Rehobeth, DE There’s allot to see and do there, so if your ever looking for a place to go, this is a very nice area.
Well, down at Rehobeth Beach, DE there’s a place called Kilwins, they are a franchise so there’s a few around, but for us, this was our first! and all I can say is WOW!
We’ve had fudge before, good fudge, but now, we’ve had better than good fudge, its simply wonderful!
Pictured here is the Coconut Fudge and the Kilwins Mud Fudge. They are simply to die for!
So, if you’ve never been to Kilwins, find one and go!


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