I’m changing her name to Lucky!

She’s one lucky duckie…..ummmm, errrrrr, chicken!

On Sunday mornings I’m usually busy getting ready to go to church, today was no exception, but I did, for some reason, do my morning routine a little backwards, and I’m so thankful that I did!

I was cleaning out my bag that I put the Bibles in and heard a noise from the chickens in the front yard.  The noise sounded like Buddy was ‘bothering’ one of the hens, so I went to have a look out the front window.   All I saw was Buddy standing like a statue on the lawn and no chickens in sight.  So, I kept watching him and looking around for hens.  All of a sudden one of the black hens comes running from the side of the house towards Buddy and another one right behind her ANDDDDDD running behind them a FOX!!!!!!!

I almost died! But didn’t have the time, ran to the front door, opened it and yelled!  The fox, stops, turns and looks at me like ‘what do you want woman’!  So down the steps to the lawn and I’m yelling and clapping my hands.  The fox takes off and I take off behind him.  He runs to the other side of the house where our pine tree forrest is and gets to the edge, stops and turns around to see if I’m still coming towards him.  Of course I am!  Clapping my hands and telling him to keep going, what else could I do!

So, he runs off, I turn around, there’s not a chicken or roo in sight.  My 89 year old dad lives above our garage, so I went and got him, he was on his deck watching the baby chicks and their moms all huddled together! LOL! He didn’t know they were in protection mode in their enclosed yard.

So, he comes out to help me locate the chickens, couldn’t find them, he goes on to see where the fox went off to and finds a pile of feathers! Oh No! We lost one!  This is serious!

I decided I needed help, my hubby had gone to early service at our churches satellite service site, which is not too far from our house, so I left my dad looking for chickens and ran off to get him (he was going to meet up with me at second service at our home church.  The past few weeks I have been going with him to early service, but yesterday he told me to go to 2nd service and he’d meet me there).  So, got him, we come home, dad had located most of the chickens and got them into the yard.  A few minutes after we got home we got the rest, took a count and they were all there!  All of them!   One of my gals lost a few feathers and has a little bruising, but not broken skin or anything, you wouldn’t know it to look at her, so now I think I’ll call her Lucky!

So, now the hunt is on for the fox.  The gals & Buddy will remain in the chicken yard with only supervised free ranging until Mr. Fox is found.

In the meantime, my hubby went in and dug them some worms.  Anybody else dig worms and grubs for their girls??  We have been digging for them since they we’re baby chicks.  It’s funny to watch, when you get a shovel out, they come running!  What’s really interesting is, that there are only certain times of the year in which my girls will eat worms, generally in the fall/winter, they will eat a grub anytime.  But, now, they’re after flying bugs.

How ’bout you?  What special thing do you do for your gals??


6 thoughts on “I’m changing her name to Lucky!

    • That was too much stress! They’re all doing well today, even Lucky. No one was anxious to get out of the roost this morning when I opened up the hen house. The moms and chicks came out, Buddy and Lucky came out but the rest stayed in! They’re all out now. Of course they’re not happy they’re confined to the chicken yard.

      • Thank goodness they’re safe. They’re laying eggs, no problem. There are plenty of other things around here for that fox to eat, we are sooooo loaded this year with rabbits, he should have no problem finding a meal.

  1. Gah! What a horror story – or else something you’d read about in a kid’s book. Sounds like an exciting morning. Will they be laying after all that? I need some eggs. FB Message me if and when is good to stop by this week. Glad you got them all back. So curious about Mr. Fox. I’ve never seen one in person.
    Grateful Joy!

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