Another Unbelievable Chicken Rescue! Plus How to Make a Chicken Saddle

Me and FuzzyChicken SaddleChicken Saddle 1Chicken Saddle 2Chicken Saddle 3Chicken Saddle 4
Chicken Saddle 5Chicken Saddle 6Chicken Saddle 7Chicken Saddle 8Chicken Saddle 9Chicken Saddle 10
Chicken Saddle 11Chicken Saddle 12Chicken Saddle 13Chicken Saddle 14

Chicken Saddle, a set on Flickr. You can click on the photos to see them larger.

Not a fox this time, a GOLDEN EAGLE!!! What a scare! Miss Fuzzy is our great escape artist, she’s been getting out of the yard and we haven’t been able to find out where until we set up a friends trail cam last night.

Well, in the meantime, I was out feeding scratch to the gals and my 89 year old dad came home from his daily breakfast outing. So I went out of the chicken yard to have a chat with him about our new broody hen and how we should handle it (break her broodiness, keep picking eggs until the timing is a little better for us, or just let her sit on eggs and go for it) We decided to let her go for it, so in 19/20 days hatching should commence. That will be October 5.

Well, while we were chatting, I noticed Miss Fuzzy walk by us, and we continued our chat. Next thing I heard this horrible blood curdling squawk! Yeah, my blood curdled. I took off towards the squawk, ran about 100′ or so, who knows really, doing my best to follow the squawks, meanwhile I’m yelling and my dad is whistling. Then I decide to make a turn and cut through our hedgerow of pines between us and our neighbors. As soon as I seperated the branches there it was! A HUGE golden eagle, wings spread wider than I can open my arms and hovering over poor Fuzzy! She was still squawking, flocks of birds were simultaneously flying over, and I just yelled! Get Off Her! The eagle looked at me and took off and Fuzzy ran like the dickens!

By this time my dad wasn’t far off on our side of the pines, so back I went in search of Miss Fuzzy.

We didn’t have any trouble locating her, but catching her was another story. Took us probably a good 15 minutes or more to corral her, I actually had to get our old chicken hook catcher and get her.

As you can see she’s safely in my arms, don’t know who was frazzled more, me or her, but I am very thankful.

As you can see she has a bald back, she’s obviously Buddy’s favorite even though, she doesn’t appreciate being his favorite. For a couple days now I was planning on making her a Chicken Saddle, finally found a pattern I liked from Back To Basic Living’s blog, which is also on my Pinterest Back Yard Chickens Page. I figured she was being such an escape artist because of Buddy putting the moves on her too much, and though the Chicken Saddle was right up her alley. Well, after the Golden Eagle escapade, I gave her the once over, she was only a little bloody, which amazed me, so I stuck her in a cage, put her in the shed to keep her quiet and let her rest and came in the house to make her her Chicken Saddle.

So there’s the step by step photos, you can click on the link for Back To Basic Living blog and get more instruction if you need it.

You basically cut an 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ square from cardboard for the pattern.

Then at the top (neck) you measure out 3″ in the center and then add the curved area for the wings.

The 3″ pard is the part you put on the fold of the fabric.

Then I cut a single piece of interfacing to add a little strength to the fabric.

You put rich sides together, put the interfacing on the top and sew around, leaving 1/2″ opening at the 3″ top on both sides and leave and opening at the bottom so you can turn it right side out.

Once you turn it right side out, cut 2 pieces of 1/4″ – 1/2″ elastic 3 1/2″ long.

Insert the ends into the openings left for them and stitch. Stitch around the entire outer edges, I did a double row.

Add snaps. I was lucky, being a person who sews, I keep things, like all good sewers do. I still had snaps on fabric from when my kids we’re babies, so I cut 2 and sewed them on.

Finally, I added some scotch guard, let that dry.

Then out to check on Fuzzy. Put a little Neosporin on her and then her new Chicken Saddle.

There she is in the final photo demonstrating.

I have to say, I never thought, I’d be putting a Chicken Saddle on any of my girls. Made my dad chuckle. I’m also hoping that the saddle will help her not to try to escape, even though we did, hopefully fix the area where she was getting out.


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