Vin Rouge Bistro in Durham, NC

Well here we are in North Carolina, Durham NC to be exact. While charting out our driving directions I went on the Food Network page to see what eateries would be along our way, then trying to figure out when my hubby would be wanting to stop, would he be wanting to stop for lunch, or a late lunch or for dinner. So I always try to have several choice along the way just in case. Today since we had breakfast with friends, dinner it was going to be.

So today we stopped here at the Vin Rouge Bistro in Durham as seen on the Food Networks The Best Thing I Ever Ate featuring their Gratin de Macaroni. Which is a luscious rich baked macaroni with bacon and gruyere cheese. My hubby ordered it, he loved it.

I ordered the Salade Niçoise which was rare Yellowfin tuna, haricots verts (green beans),
hard boiled egg, tomato, olives, potato, mixed greens, Dijon vinaigrette – anchovies upon request. I did not order the anchovies. The salad was fabulous, I ate every drop.

Next we weren’t sure if we were going to get dessert, but I did want to see the dessert menu. So our waitress brought out the dessert menu and told us about there dessert specials, one of which was a chocolate mousse, hand. Made with specialty chocolate. My hubby had to have it! Yeah, he’s a chocoholic!  Now before they bring this wonderful chocolate mousse out to you, they bring you an empty bowl and set it in front of you and leave you thinking what’s next.  Well next they come back with a large soufflé bowl filled with this chocolate mousse and scoop it out into your empty bowl right at your table!

I took a look at the menu and saw Creme Brûlée, and couldn’t get any further. Even though I am dairy free, I will cheat for a good Creme brûlée. This was the BEST Creme Brûlée I have ever had EVER! The Creme was the lightest, creamiest, taste of heaven on a spoon.

Did I mention this was our first time ever to go to a French restaurant? Well it was, and we were not disappointed and you won’t be either. If your ever near Durham NC you have to look this place up and go. They are only open for dinner so check their website out for their address, hours and menus.


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