Update on Buddy’s Flock

I can’t believe with going on vacation and all, that it’s been a little more than a month since I posted anything about Buddy’s flock!  Oh my!  Well, let me see if I can get you back up to date.

Right after I made the Chicken Saddle for Fuzzy, a couple days later we re-homed her to my girlfriend Pam’s flock.  She has a small flock and Fuzzy was getting pecked on too much for my liking, she couldn’t go anywhere or do anything without one of the other hens running and pecking her.  So, she’s at Pam’s thriving.

In the meantime, the hen that went broody and was due to hatch eggs on Oct 5 left the nest and her 8 eggs.  Before she left the nest, another hen went broody with 5 eggs.  I would have put the others under the newly broody hen but she left them unattended at night and we had no idea.  That’s the first time we ever had anything like that happen.  But the hen that went broody last, sat on hers and on Oct 7, 3 chicks hatched!

So now we have a total of 14 chicks!  The funny thing is, Mama Goldie is STILL with her chicks and they are now 12 weeks old!  They are a very, very close knit family!  When they dust, they are generally all touching.  The ‘babies’ very rarely leave her side, where she goes, they go, where they go, she goes!  It’s fine with me, the chicks get that much more training and protection, even though, now, they are almost as big as she is!  Mama Dottie finally left her chicks when they were 8 weeks old, they are now 9 weeks old.  They are doing well, and they are not allowed to free range, they’re not big enough yet, and its just not that safe out there.  We only free range the flock late in the afternoon and they are pretty much supervised during that time.

So, now we have a grand total of 28 fine feathered friends!  1 Rooster, 13 hens & 14 chicks!  And since its getting dark earlier now and they are molting we’re only getting 4-5 eggs a day.

So, how is your flock doing?? How many eggs are you getting a day?? Will you be using a light this winter?? Do you have any chicks??  Did you ever have a mom like our Goldie who just loves being a mom??


3 thoughts on “Update on Buddy’s Flock

  1. Wow, so many babies! Our flock is good. 14 hens from last year are thinking about molting. Some are laying still and some are not. The 13 hens from this year are all laying, except my Cochin. Still not sure she is a female. We have 16 cockerels that will be freezer ready in a month. And one rooster who wishes he had access to the 27 hens, but doesn’t! 🙂

    • Wow! That’s allot! I’m glad you can eat them, we can’t do it, well I can’t, but if things keep going the way they’ve been going with e-coli and salmonella and chick recalls at the stores we just might have to. I don’t have any meat chickens though, guess as long as I don’t name them… Why isn’t the one rooster with the gals??

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