Meet Prince Charming & Fluffy

Yeah, Yeah, I know, Fluffy is generally used as a cats name….well, LQQK at her/him!  I’m calling Fluffy a her for now until proved otherwise.  Look at little Fluffy, she is now 3 1/2 months old, she hatched on November 18th.  She is the only chick left all the others we’re taken by hawks 😦  anyway, she’s doing very well, except she’s still mostly covered in downy feathers rather than being full feathered, which she should be by this age.  NO, she does not have any silkie in her!  I’m just thinking it had to do with the extreme cold this winter, if the other chicks had made it to go through the winter with her we would have had something to go by, but now its just speculation.

Meet Prince Charming, isn’t he just so handsome?? He’s our up coming rooster in training.  Buddy is still the hierarchy of the flock.  Remember last spring poor Buddy took a beating from Reds.  I’ve learned allot since that battle of the roosters for hierarchy.  I’ve learned, that I shouldn’t have re-homed Reds, I should have re-homed Buddy.  It was too hard though, I truly love my Buddy.  But, Buddy hasn’t been the same since.  I took control of that situation and put Buddy back in the patriarch position, which he had undeniably lost.  He’s still a great rooster and does all his roostering chores, but just not to the level he use to.  If you didn’t read my post on that you can get caught up here: I Just Can’t Believe It

This spring, now that we know the signs, we will keep a better eye on the guys and when it looks like Prince Charming is going to challenge Buddy, we will just re-home Buddy at that time.  We like have 2 roosters with all the predators we have around here.  The flock hasn’t been able to free range all winter, we did make the run larger to compensate for the lack of free roaming, but you know, its just not the same.  And we had to totally enclose the run this year, the hawks were just too many and too determined this year.  I truly can’t wait for the crows to come back.  Why? you ask am I waiting for crows to come back?? You can read about that here on the Common Crow, but long story short, they help big time in keeping the hawks away.  So, until the crows return we only free range under our watchful eyes.

This spring I’m planning on adding Jersey Giants to the flock.  They’re a bigger chicken, hoping that will deter the hawks a little.  I’m not sure weather I’m going to get chicks or hatching eggs.  I’m leaning towards hatching eggs, but I don’t have an incubator, would like t get one, but would rather a hen go broody and just put the eggs under her.

What are your plans with your flock this year?? Getting any chicks?? Adding a different breed??  Are you discouraged due to predators? Lets talk!


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