Sad day in the Chicken Yard

Prince Charming with Goldie and her 5 chicks.  This is his 1st ever babies.

Prince Charming with Goldie and her 5 chicks. This is his 1st ever babies.

Well, this morning I went out to open up the chickens and let them into the chicken yard, first out always is any mama hen with chicks, so that would be Goldie and crew.  As I’m waiting for the morning chicken march, out comes Goldie and 1 chick!  I waited, looked around and nothing.  4 chicks MISSING!  Oh no!

I looked around the hen house and there was an opening under the coop which the chickens had made by scratching and I failed to fill it in and generally in the morning before the chickens are let out any babies will run in an out on their own if any holes are not filled in at night.  Now mind you, the hen house is fenced in and our chicken yard is covered, some of the netting was in need of repair but we haven’t had any hawk sitings lately due to the increase of crows so it wasn’t on our do right now list.  As I was searching for evidence I noticed a row of fresh grey downy feathers outside the coop in the area of the hole.  The feathers were not the coloring of any of my hens and being fresh would not have been any of my hens since they were inside.  That was my only clue.  So I went in the house and told my hubby the horrible disturbing news and and back outside we went to investigate more.  If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’d know that my soon to be 90 year old dad lives above our garage and can see the chickens anytime he looks out his window or goes out on his deck.  His window was open so I yelled up to him the bad news.

My hubby and I had a previous engagement for today, so off we went leaving my dad to keep vigilant watch over the chicken yard.  So, while we were out my dad decided to do some investigating on his own.  He did find a hole going under the fence, which he filled in without showing us (oh well) but he did find some unusual scat.  I’m going to have to do some investigating on scat, if any of you know anything about scat, I’m putting a picture here let me know what you think.  It’s like whatever did it, backed into the milk crate as if to mark the area.


So, now poor Goldie has only 1 baby, and it looks to be a little roo.  We are so heart broken,  We have fixed the netting and filled in all holes and set up the trail cam for tonight.   I think I need to see if anyone in the area has any baby chicks we can get and put under poor Goldie.


4 thoughts on “Sad day in the Chicken Yard

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