Killer Skunk!

and an ugly one at that!


The skunk has been caught and dealt with.  We will put out the trail cam again tonight and see if anything else is lurking about.

All the flock is doing well, hopefully egg production will now go back up.  Nothing like being terrorized to make egg production drop.

We thought we lost Goldie yesterday, we went to close up the flock for the night and usually the flock is in the coop on the roost ready, but last night, they weren’t, what was worse, they we’re acting out of the norm.  They weren’t acting like they were spooked or anything, they were extremely quite and still,  just hanging around together.  My hubby counted them (as we always do, especially after coming in from free range, Lillie sometimes lags behind) and noticed their were only 11, he counted again, as did I and then I did a quick scan of the flock and realized Goldie wasn’t there.   We checked the hen house, no Goldie, panic started to set it.

I was worried, I never got to check her over, knowing she lost some feathers trying to save her chick and was going to give her a good going over when they went in to roost.  We had seen her through out the day, in the morning she hung in the hen house mourning, then in the afternoon she hung with the flock.  When we let them out to free range she was right there with the flock every time we checked.  So, knowing she might have an injury or worse maybe died from an injury/stress/heart break or I thought, possibly she found a small nest of eggs somewhere(when they free range sometimes they get lazy about running back to the coop to lay and create a nest somewhere) and decided to sit on them.  We searched and searched and searched, no Goldie.  Every time we searched we went back to the chicken yard and counted, went into the hen house and looked, it was cloudy yesterday and the hen house isn’t lit so at dinner time it was a tad dark in there, but we checked every nest, looked high and low and no Goldie.

Well, we didn’t find her.

This morning when we went out to see if we caught our predator, my hubby let the chickens out of the hen house and there was Goldie!  My hubby says “There’s Goldie!” “Do you see her”  I said “Yes!” he said “Good, I thought it was a ghost!” LOL!  We still can’t figure out where she was in that hen house, but we both missed her and we both checked that hen house at least 3 times each.

Anyway, she’s here, she’s my best hen, so I’d hate to loose her.

5 thoughts on “Killer Skunk!

    • Thank you. We set up the trail cam tonight to see what else is lurking about. Hopefully no more skunks for a while. The flock is still spooked and of course the area smells like skunk so I’m assuming they think it’s close by making them nervous.

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