I do Believe I have a Crazy Flock!

I do have a crazy flock, I’m sure of it, you’ll see as you read on but first I have exciting news!  According to my calculations they were 2 days early but they hatched anyway!  The 1st one didn’t make it 😦 I figured because it was 2 days early.  That evening chick #2 emerged followed by 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7!  Yup! 7 chicks out of 10 eggs!  Pretty good hatch if you ask me!  This is the largest hatch we’ve had so far, usually its 5.

Welcome the new little brood:

Welcome to our newest 7 chicks

Welcome to our newest 7 chicks

This is their debut photo, Mamma Reds with all 7, I know it looks like 6 but there are 7  but if you look closely at the photo, just above mamma’s head you’ll see a little blonde stripped one with a pure blonde.

So, mama and chicks are doing well, they’re a few days old now, well, actually a week today!  Wow, that week went by fast!  Total now we have 14 chicks, to recap, Goldie lost her 5 to a murdering skunk (Sad Day In the Chicken Yard, Help! This is What Killed Our Chicks, Killer Skunk), so a friend gave us a hen & 2 chicks(New Additions To Buddy’s Flock), which I named the hen, Fanny and the chicks Lucy & Ethel, though, I’m not sure if the names are going to stay that way, might end up Lucy & Ricky or Fred & Ethel… what do you think:

Lucy and Ethel

Right now I’m calling the one one the left Lucy and the one on the right Ethel,  at first I was thinking Ethel was going to be Ricky, but now I’m thinking Lucy is going to be Fred…. Any ideas??

Okay back to the count, then Mamma Black looked like her eggs we’re going to hatch(Mama Reds is Broody & Meet the New Chicks), so a friend gave me 2 freshly hatched chicks to put under her and 3 of hers did finally hatch…of course.  So she has 5, the 2 with the feathered feet are the adopted ones.

So there you have it, currently 14 chicks!  We’ve never had 14 chicks at once!  And for me, this never gets old! I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE chicks!  Oh, yesterday, Saltie went broody.  I believe she’s on 6 eggs, I counted them, and I truly don’t remember!

Ms Saltie just settling in on her eggs right after I moved her down to the broody box.

Ms Saltie just settling in on her eggs right after I moved her down to the broody box.

By the way, the eggs are due to hatch on August 24th so stay tuned!

In the meantime, this is where the crazy comes in, let me know if this is normal, I don’t think it really is, but thank goodness Mamma Reds is an old pro at being a mom or I’d really be concerned.  If you remember reading my post Update’s On Buddy’s Flock, I introduced you to Mamma Black, telling you she was young and wasn’t sure how this was going to go.  Well, we know that she made it through the 21 days, pretty much without a hitch, there were a few stressful moments, but we got chicks.  Well, right before Mamma Red’s chicks hatched Mamma Black decided it was time to take her chicks up to the nesting boxes, they were only 2 weeks old, definitely not ready.  That didn’t stop Mamma Black from trying to sleep in the nest herself, she put her 5 in with Mamma Reds sitting on 10 eggs!  So every night for 3 nights I’d go in to check, MOVE her back down to her broody box and move the chicks back in with her, she finally got the point and stayed a few nights.  Then Mamma Reds chicks hatched and it started all over again!  What a mess!  Poor Mamma Reds looked like ‘REALLY’ … but took them in.  Everynight I still moved everyone back where they belonged.  The other night Mamma Black was up in the big girl roost with 2 of the chicks, looked at Mamma Reds, she seemed content with the new sleeping arrangements, so I left it go.



This morning when I went to open the coop door and let the chicks & moms into the broody yard, out comes Mamma Reds with all 14 chicks!

Mama reds with too many

Mamma Reds with more than her brood!

About an hour later went back out and Mamma Black was ready to go back with her brood.  Fanny is pretty much done with Lucy & Ethel.

So that’s the current craziness going on in Buddy’s Flock.  Is this normal??


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