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New Happenings in Buddy’s Flock

Prince Charming

Well, hello everyone!  I can’t believe it’s November and I haven’t posted since August!  Shame on me!  I’ve been meaning to, I have recipes and pictures, I just don’t know where all the time has gone!  So, to start, I’ll update you all on Buddy’s flock because it needs updating!

First of all, 3 weeks ago we sent Prince Charming, along with Ricky and 2 very young roosters to the auction.  I decided to get rid of Prince Charming to give my girls a rest, because he had them bald and then they were starting to molt.  Since then, Mamma Reds went broody again! LOL!  The chicks she had in the summer are now 3 1/2 months old, she only left them last month!  Doesn’t bother me any, since my hubby said she’s getting old and wanted to get rid of her and I said she’s a good mamma so we’re keeping her….guess she overheard and wanted to prove my point.  Only problem with that is, Prince Charming had been gone for 2 weeks already and there are only upcoming roosters, Fred is going to be the head roo but not quite there yet.  So, I put out the call to my girlfriends and 2 of them graciously donated fertile eggs.  Pam gave me 4 on November 5th and then Chrissie gave me 5 eggs on November 9th, so there’s going to be a 4 day lull, this should prove interesting.  If anyone can handle it Mamma Reds can.

So, that leaves Mamma Saltie still hanging with her chicklets that were hatched on August 24th.  They’re about 2 1/2 months old.  I love it when the moms stay with them for a long time.  I do think she’s getting ready to leave them though, she took them up to the big girl roost last night.  Only problem, we have little Fuzzy and she can’t fly up to the roost, I had to put a milk crate in there so she could hop up on it, then hop up to the lowest and then up the ladder rungs.  I guess one of the hens in the flock has some sort of recessive silkie gene, seems like I get one of the fuzzy chicks often, this is my 3rd like this, Mamma Reds had one in her brood whom I named Phyllis Diller.

So, chicks are due to hatch Thanksgiving week so stay tuned!