All About Me!

Me hugging a camel in Jamaca

Me hugging a camel in Jamaica


I’ve been doing this blog for a number of months now and I’ve been saying, soon I’ll tell you all about me, well SOON is here!

So, All About Me, lets see now, can I sum this all up in a nice little nut shell……

My name is Barbara,  I AM an only child and a JERSEY GIRL (LOL! not like the show, actually I’ve never seen the show, but definitely not like the show) born & raised in South Jersey.   I love Jersey Tomatoes & Jersey Corn & I DON’T pump my own gas! (if they ever change that law here in NJ there will be allot of unhappy women!)  I am married to my wonderful husband, Harry since 1976.  We have 3 wonderful children, Harry, MaLinda & Jeffrey all married with wonderful spouses and we have 3 beautiful grandchildren, Kayla, Anthony & Tyler.

I am a Bible believing Christian, I have backyard chickens, I eat healthy, and I love to cook, bake, do photography, gardening, crafts and sew.  And now I blog.

When I first started to write this ‘All About Me’ page, it became quite long,  there were some things that I wanted to share, but realized you can’t do all that in an ‘About Me’ page.  So, I wrote 2 additional pages.  The first page after this one is My Story…the condensed version, and then the 2nd page is There, I’ve Said It Out Loud…. I Have an Aneurism.  I hope you read them and make comments, I did condense them, so you might have questions, so ask away.

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