Another Unbelievable Chicken Rescue! Plus How to Make a Chicken Saddle

Me and FuzzyChicken SaddleChicken Saddle 1Chicken Saddle 2Chicken Saddle 3Chicken Saddle 4
Chicken Saddle 5Chicken Saddle 6Chicken Saddle 7Chicken Saddle 8Chicken Saddle 9Chicken Saddle 10
Chicken Saddle 11Chicken Saddle 12Chicken Saddle 13Chicken Saddle 14

Chicken Saddle, a set on Flickr. You can click on the photos to see them larger.

Not a fox this time, a GOLDEN EAGLE!!! What a scare! Miss Fuzzy is our great escape artist, she’s been getting out of the yard and we haven’t been able to find out where until we set up a friends trail cam last night.

Well, in the meantime, I was out feeding scratch to the gals and my 89 year old dad came home from his daily breakfast outing. So I went out of the chicken yard to have a chat with him about our new broody hen and how we should handle it (break her broodiness, keep picking eggs until the timing is a little better for us, or just let her sit on eggs and go for it) We decided to let her go for it, so in 19/20 days hatching should commence. That will be October 5.

Well, while we were chatting, I noticed Miss Fuzzy walk by us, and we continued our chat. Next thing I heard this horrible blood curdling squawk! Yeah, my blood curdled. I took off towards the squawk, ran about 100′ or so, who knows really, doing my best to follow the squawks, meanwhile I’m yelling and my dad is whistling. Then I decide to make a turn and cut through our hedgerow of pines between us and our neighbors. As soon as I seperated the branches there it was! A HUGE golden eagle, wings spread wider than I can open my arms and hovering over poor Fuzzy! She was still squawking, flocks of birds were simultaneously flying over, and I just yelled! Get Off Her! The eagle looked at me and took off and Fuzzy ran like the dickens!

By this time my dad wasn’t far off on our side of the pines, so back I went in search of Miss Fuzzy.

We didn’t have any trouble locating her, but catching her was another story. Took us probably a good 15 minutes or more to corral her, I actually had to get our old chicken hook catcher and get her.

As you can see she’s safely in my arms, don’t know who was frazzled more, me or her, but I am very thankful.

As you can see she has a bald back, she’s obviously Buddy’s favorite even though, she doesn’t appreciate being his favorite. For a couple days now I was planning on making her a Chicken Saddle, finally found a pattern I liked from Back To Basic Living’s blog, which is also on my Pinterest Back Yard Chickens Page. I figured she was being such an escape artist because of Buddy putting the moves on her too much, and though the Chicken Saddle was right up her alley. Well, after the Golden Eagle escapade, I gave her the once over, she was only a little bloody, which amazed me, so I stuck her in a cage, put her in the shed to keep her quiet and let her rest and came in the house to make her her Chicken Saddle.

So there’s the step by step photos, you can click on the link for Back To Basic Living blog and get more instruction if you need it.

You basically cut an 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ square from cardboard for the pattern.

Then at the top (neck) you measure out 3″ in the center and then add the curved area for the wings.

The 3″ pard is the part you put on the fold of the fabric.

Then I cut a single piece of interfacing to add a little strength to the fabric.

You put rich sides together, put the interfacing on the top and sew around, leaving 1/2″ opening at the 3″ top on both sides and leave and opening at the bottom so you can turn it right side out.

Once you turn it right side out, cut 2 pieces of 1/4″ – 1/2″ elastic 3 1/2″ long.

Insert the ends into the openings left for them and stitch. Stitch around the entire outer edges, I did a double row.

Add snaps. I was lucky, being a person who sews, I keep things, like all good sewers do. I still had snaps on fabric from when my kids we’re babies, so I cut 2 and sewed them on.

Finally, I added some scotch guard, let that dry.

Then out to check on Fuzzy. Put a little Neosporin on her and then her new Chicken Saddle.

There she is in the final photo demonstrating.

I have to say, I never thought, I’d be putting a Chicken Saddle on any of my girls. Made my dad chuckle. I’m also hoping that the saddle will help her not to try to escape, even though we did, hopefully fix the area where she was getting out.

Curiosities Layer Cake Quilt is DONE!

Wow! I can’t believe I haven’t really done any sewing this summer! I last blogged about finishing my Teahouse Quilt May 1.  In that blog, if you scroll down you will see photos of other baby quilts that I had started for Choices of the Heart which I did finish in July and were already donated to the Choices of the Heart.  I will attach those photos at the bottom of this page.

This quilt is a big quilt, measuring  45″ x 65″.  It is a Curiosities Layer Cake which I purchased the layer cake squares from the Missouri Star Quilt Co.  As  you can see from the photo I laid the squares out, got a little semmitry going on and sewed them together.  I put batting in the center and pink flannel on the back.  I used cream color blanket binding and added some lace.

This is to be given to one of the new moms to be that comes to our church.  So, we not only are making quilts for Choices of the Heart we are making baby quilts for the new moms of our church, we are making lap quilts for the of shut ins of our church, for the veterans home and now we’re making them for the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Philadelphia, PA along with hats for the cancer patients.

Quilts completed and donated to the Choices of the Heart:

Finished Another One!

I just finished another Jelly Roll Quilt.  This one I made reversible.  Jelly Roll on one side and a coordinating one on the other side made with a coordinating panel and layer cake pieces.  Again, I purchased my fabric from Missouri Star Quilt Co.  The name of the fabrics are:  Tea House Teal Jelly Roll, Tea House Teal Layer Cake and Tea House – Geisha Garden Antique Tea Panel.

First I completed the jelly roll and fell totally in love with it.  Then I flipped it over and started laying out the panel and the layer cake pieces until I got a pattern that I really liked & saw that it would fit on the jelly roll. I put my layer cake pieces on the diagonal.  When I put the batting in, I put the two sides faced together, laid the batting on top, I folded over the sides, and stitched just the sides together, then flipped it all right-side out.  Once on the right side, I folded one strip of the jelly roll on the top and on the bottom to the paneled piece and stitched.  Little did I know while I was making it, but the part that I folded to the paneled side matches the floral piece near it.

All in all, time wise, maybe took me 10 hours, total for the completed quilt.  The fabric in this quilt is amazing,  there is gold running though most of the pieces.  The photos don’t do it justice.  The have this same theme in plum which I plan to make also.

For those of you who are following my sewing blogs, Ever Make a Jelly Roll Quilt?? and It’s Finally Finished!  will already know that some of our church ladies, me included, are making quilts to donate to Choices of the Heart.  I posted a picture of the Curiosities Layer Cake  that I’m working on, I’ll repost that below so you don’t have to go back and look for it, along with 3 others that I’ve started (2 Baby Talk & 1 The Simple Life made from 2 charm packs) and 1(Happi – Panel Quilt Pink) that I’ve completed.  I have 2 to start Rockets & Robots and  The Lorax Jelly Roll, which I plan to make the traditional jelly roll then cut it apart and get 2 maybe 3 baby quilts out of it. I will blog that as I do it.  All of which I purchased the fabric from Missouri Star Quilt Co. we are also accepting donations of fabric and notions for those who’d like to help out and don’t sew.  Some of our ladies do crochet & knit and they also donated some items.

But my next big project is going to be the Memory Quilt for my daughter & son-in-law, made from her wedding dress and possibly mine.  I plan on starting this next Tuesday, May 7th, so stay tuned.  I plan on blogging that step by step.

I welcome your comments and questions.

It’s Finally Finished!

Well, FINALLY!  This red jelly roll quilt is done.  The pattern is called Northcote Range Jelly Roll by Cabbages & Roses, I purchased the fabric at the Missouri Quilt Co.  As I stated in my previous blog Ever Make a Jelly Roll Quilt??  this particular jelly roll drove me crazy.  Well, finally the craziness is over and the quilt is complete and I finally LIKE IT!  It measures a whopping 53″ x 72″ and I’ll say it again, IT’S DONE!!!  It drove me crazy from the very beginning to the very end.  Needless to say, even though I know like it, I will someday be gifted to someone.

Also, next Tuesday, during our crafters at church, we will be making baby quilts.  These quilts will be donated to Choices of the Heart.  We are also accepting donations from anyone, who would like to supply fabric for this cause or if they are a knitter or crocheter, that they create some baby items as well to be donated.

Below you will find two photos of my now completed quilt and a photo of a started quilt that will be donated to Choices of the Heart.  I will be making more, but this is the one I started on yesterday, the name of the fabric is Curiosities Layer Cake and purchased at Missouri Quilt Co.  Some little girl is going to enjoy this for years to come.

Stay tuned for more quilts and a special Wedding Dress Memory Quilt blog, that I will be starting in the coming weeks.  I will be using my daughters wedding dress and mine, to make her a memory quilt.  I have some ideas ready to go and the ladies at crafters are going to help me out, should I need it.

To read the beginning of this blog click on this link “Ever Make A Jelly Roll Quilt??

Ever make a Jelly Roll Quilt??

Northcote Range Jelly Roll

We have a craft day at our church every Tuesday morning.  Doesn’t matter what type of craft you do, bring it with you, sit and chat with the ladies, and possibly get something done.  Yup, sometimes we chat more than we craft, but it all gets done in the end, and fellowship is just as important as the craft we’re creating.

Well, somewhere along the line, most of the ladies were bringing in their sewing machines and quilting.  I was painting, I had done ceramics for years, and the place where I did them closed up.  Before they closed, I purchased allot of pieces and cleaned them to paint at home.  Well, you know how that goes.  They sat on a shelf.  So, when Tuesday morning crafters was started I thought, wow! now I can get those ceramics painted.  It took me almost a year, but I got one piece painted! But then, I did have my medical issues I was dealing with and not making it to crafters every Tuesday, due to doctors appointments and hospital stays.  But, I did finally get one piece done, what an achievement!  Yeah! on to project #2, making a Jelly Roll quilt.

Somehow, the quilting ladies decided they we’re going to have a Jelly Roll Race Day, which would consist of a whole day, not just 2 hours of creating a Jelly Roll Quilt.  Seems you can do this in a day, google it, how to make a Jelly Roll Quilt.  There are tutorials, its easy, its amazing.  Well, I have not touched a sewing machine or a needle & thread since 2005!

A little side note:  I was sewing the day my mom went into the hospital for the first time.  She was in and out of the hospital & rehabs for almost 4 months until she passed away.  During that time, no sewing got done, it got put away.  Put away for 7 1/2 years!

Well, time to get the old machine out.  Hummmm, the old girl just isn’t the type of machine you can carry around.  No problem, it was time to trade old Betsy in for a newer model.  My girlfriend, Jane, was trading hers in, so I figured I’d trade mine in.  So, together we took our machines in, traded them in and took home brand new lighter portable machines!

This full day of sewing we were to bring our lunch, so I decided, that since I can bake, I’d bake a Jelly Roll Cake to keep in the theme.  I will get a picture up and the recipe soon.

In the meantime, we all went on Jelly Roll shopping frenzies.  I purchased 4 Jelly Rolls, I believe.  I put one together the week before to see how it would go.  I’m a tad dyslexic so a little practice ahead of time is good for me.

Well, the day of the Jelly Roll Race, I believe there was 8 of us, 2 of the ladies just learning to sew and the rest of us at various quilting levels.  What fun!

Including the 1 I did the week before I think I have done 5 Jelly Roll Quilt tops.  The one I did during the Jelly Roll Race is now finished and that one is for my hubby.  Just because you finish a quilt top, doesn’t mean you finish the whole quilt at the same time.  You have to get the batting for the interior of the quilt, you have to decide what you want the back of your quilt to look like and then you have to decide how your going to bind you quilt.  This all takes time to figure out and of course a road trip or two to the fabric store, where of course you don’t just buy the fabric you need for the quilt, you buy more!

Yup, its an addiction.  My girlfriend Jane, is a quilting machine!  She just started quilting and can’t stop!  Lord knows how many she’s made this month.  You go Jane!

Right now, I’m working on one particular Jelly Roll, its driving me crazy.  I did the Jelly Roll like I always do but didn’t like the way the pattern turned out  (Yes, I should have taken a picture, but who knew it was going to go like this).  So, I brought it to crafters and my girlfriend Sue, helped me to figure out what I didn’t like about it, seemed it was visually lopsided.  So, dear Sue, ripped some seams out for me and we flipped it around.  I brought it home and sewed it back together.  It looked much better, but, still didn’t do it for me.

Meanwhile, I’m looking at different quilting & material stores on the internet (its an addiction remember, you just can’t get enough material or patterns or ideas!).  Anyway, I found patterns for Jelly Roll Quilts that were a step above the plain ol’ Jelly Roll.  So, I decided to cut my Jelly Roll Quilt in to strips in the opposite direction and make blocks.  The blocks are 4 squares by 4 squares, worked to get the pattern & coloring just right.  Yeah, I have a plan, oooooo let me add to that plan,  I will add sashing between my blocks, oooooo, I think I will add sashing in a basket weave pattern! Yes! A basket weave!  That’s what it needs!  Okay I have a plan & I have my plan on paper.

Now that the plans on paper, I need to figure out how much fabric I need for the sashing, the border and the backing.  I figured and figured and figured, my hubby tried to help with the math, but since I couldn’t figure out, how to figure it out, he couldn’t help with the math.  So a road trip is need to the fabric store to get the fabric & help with my calculations.  What fun is a road trip to the fabric store without a friend, so Jane & I went off to buy fabric.  It’s like taking a kid into a toy store for the first time, every time!  Anyway, we got our fabrics & home we came.

I hurried to my new craft area in our basement, I have a nice big table for laying out fabric or wrapping gifts or crafting.  So I laid out my fabric, got my diagram that I drew and started cutting my fabric.  No, problem!  Cutting went smoothly, got everything cut out in record time.  Yeah! onto the sewing…..

Well, sewing when smoothly until I looked at what I had together, not good.  My basket weave pattern was not there, ugggg, where’s the seam ripper.  I had about 1/4 of the quilt together and had to rip out most of it, thats what I get for not following my own directions!  So I ripped, and ripped and ripped, then I ironed, and looked at my diagram and sewed.

I have it all put back together and have stopped for the night.  I don’t want to make any more mistakes for today, so I decided to write about it.   I will get this finished and I will put up a photo or two.  Tomorrow the weather is suppose to be nice and warm, so yard work it will be, quilting will have to wait a day.

Let me know if you’ve made any Jelly Roll Quilts or what kind of quilts you’ve made & what problems you may have had.

Here are 2 photos of this quilt right now.

Jelly Roll Quilt

Jelly Roll quilt cut down and sewn into blocksJelly Roll QuiltUnfinished jelly roll quilt cut into blocks with red sashing

This quilt is now completed, if you didn’t see the finished work, click on this link “It’s Finally Finished