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Herbalist vs. Hashimoto’s Take 2


Wow! 3 weeks went by quick!  I goofed up on my diet ever so slightly twice, was with salad dressing, I didn’t look at the labels and yes….ingredients….sugar….. ugggg.  I don’t use allot of salad dressing, at home I used olive oil and balsamic, so yes, I was out, and when I’m out, I generally order salads, but, it never ever crossed my mind that the salad dressing I had ordered would have sugar!  Anyway, like I said, I don’t use a whole lot of salad dressing, so I’m sure, it was a minute amount.  Other than that I did great on the detox diet, I lost 7 pounds!

So now what??  On Tuesday we went back over the bridge to the herbalist. If you are just joining my blog for the 1st time, you might want to refer back to Herbalist vs Hashimoto’s.  My girlfriend, Pam is just trying to get healthy, I’m trying to heal my Hashimoto’s, my gut and my osteoperosis.

Oh, I’m sure your wondering, because after reading my first post and reviewing this one I’ve noticed other than diet I didn’t say anything about herbs! LOL!  Yes, I am going to an herbalist, so there should be herbs and YES, there are plenty of them!  I am taking herbal supplements before breakfast a total of  13 pills, a pill at lunch time, 12 more before dinner then a few more before bed.  So, if you think that getting enough water into your diet is hard, its not by the time your done taking all these supplements! 😉

The diet is healing my gut, and the healthy gut & the herbs are working to heal my Hashimoto’s and now we’re working on my Osteoporosis.  Like I said earlier, I lost 7 pounds the first 3 weeks, I should hopefully loose a few more in these next 5 weeks, if I loose 5 more pounds I’ll be extremely happy.  But, my main goad is to heal my body, I didn’t go to the herbalist to loose weight, but since I gained weight with the Hashimoto’s I’m happy to loose it.

I am feeling better, I don’t wake up tired and I don’t wake up in pain, so something is definitely working.

Okay, so for Pam & I, the diet changed.   For the next 5 weeks, 5 days of those weeks, we will continue eating primarily lean meats, fruits & vegetables.  We can start adding back healthy carbs (fruits, whole grains, etc.) as long as no gas or bloating recurs. As the dysboisis goes down, we should be able to tolerate some whole grains being added back in.  If not, then we may have a gluten sensitivity.  So, the best way to add new things back in is to alternated, if we add a grain one day, we don’t add a fruit that day so we can see how our body reacts.  So to help us out, he gave us a sample of the Mediterranean Diet which is a modern nutritional recommendation inspired by the traditional dietary part terns of southern Italy, Greece and Spain. (See below)

On the 2 remaining days, which should not be back to back and can be any days we decide (thank goodness), we avoid ALL carbs and cut calories to 500 (only 1 meal a day)…UGGGGG! Drinking 2 glasses of water before the small meal.  Eating only lean meats, low calorie fruits and vegetables (no breads or carbs at all on these days).  This is called the Two-Day Diet. (see below)

Mediterranean Diet
* High consumption (almost every day) of olive oil, legumes, nuts, unrefined whole grain cereals, fruits, vegetables & spices. Side note:  I really don’t think at this point I’m going to try gluten, I did add corn back in, after all, I’m a Jersey Girl and Jersey Corn is in season!
* Moderate to high consumption (3-4 times a week) of fish, but since he has me on fish oil this is not necessary & I can use chicken or turkey instead.
* Moderate consumption (2-3 times a week) of dairy products (mostly as cheese & yogurt), poultry & wine.   Side note: I’m still dairy free, so I’m not sure weather or not I’m going to add these in, if I do, I will probably stick to the hard cheeses like parmesan as these are supposedly best tolerated if your lactose intolerant.
* Low consumption or red meats (only once a week)
* Very low consumption of refined sugars, junk foods and highly processed foods (less than once a week) REMEMBER, this is for the Mediterranean Diet, we are not allowed this right now.

Suggestions for the two-day diet:
* Plain Greek Yogurt (low fat) – 1 cup = 120 calories
* 4 oz lean meat – 200 calories
* 2 medium eggs, soft boiled – 160 calories
* 4 oz fresh or baked fish (not fried) – 135 calories for cod, catfish, flounder, clams & mackerel, 200 – 225 calories for salmon, halibut, tuna
* Blueberries, strawberries or raspberries – 1 cup = 60 calories
* Fat Burning Soup (click here for recipe) – 1 cup = 65 calories
* Protein Bars or Protein Drinks = as on the label
* Meal Substitute (like slim fast) = per label
* Medium salad with low calorie dressing = 300 – 400 calories

No sugary foods, very fatty foods or junk food.

NOW, you know that I’m gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and additive free, so some of that list is not way going into my mouth.

At this point I am allowed to try gluten to see if I’m intolerant, but I’m not ready to take that step yet.  As for dairy, they say if your dairy intolerant you can handle hard cheeses, so I do from time to time have some parmesan cheese, not much.   Protein bars or protein drinks I won’t use store bought only something that I would make, and slim fast forget it.  As for the salad, the salad really doesn’t contain much calories, the dressing does!  So, for the days of my ‘fast’ I just use basaltic vinegar which is very minimal in calories.   Since I have a hard time at night, yes, I’m a night time muncher, I don’t ingest all my calories at dinner, I save some out and eat blueberries at night watching tv.  I’ve now completed 2 of these ‘fasts’ and for dinner I have the cod, fat burner soup, romaine lettuce & strawberries with basaltic,  sautéed zucchini,  Which was only like 300 calories and I was stuffed!  Which then allowed me to have blueberries & strawberries later.